Part 1
The Langeln Bohnstedt Line (Group 1)
in Germany, Europe, Russia and Australia

The Bohnstedt Family Originating in Langeln, and descending into Westphalia, into Swedish Pomerania and then into Sweden and Russia, into Prussia and then into Norway, Australia, Mexico, Africa, and Los Angeles California

"Part 1; The Langeln Bohnstedt Line in Germany and Throughout Europe" discusses a single Bohnstedt family which originated in central Germany in the early 1500s and extended into Swedish Pomerania, Sweden, Russia, Prussia and eastern Germany, Norway, Australia, as well as two individual Bohnstedts in Mexico and German Southwest Africa (Deutsche Südwest Afrika), now Namibia.

Beginning with Bartholomäus Bonstedt in the early 1600's this branch of the Bohnstedt family have been, for the most part, urban dwellers. Bartholomäus' son, Sigismund, was a Lutheran pastor. Two of Sigismund's sons, David Sigismund and Georg Christian became career churchmen, serving in the towns and cities of North Rheinland.

Another of Bartholomäus Bonstedt's sons, Jacob Bonstedt, became the ancestor of a family line in Swedish Pomerania. Many of Jacob's descendants were traders and businessmen, and legal and government officials. Most of this family line lived in Stralsund, on the Baltic coast. The wealth and social status of this family continued to grow, and two descendants of this family line migrated to Sweden and Russia, where they founded new family lines.

As with the family lines in Swedish Pomerania these Bohnstedt family lines in Sweden and Russia were urban dwellers. In Sweden the core of the family began in Stockholm, while in Russia the family line there began in St. Petersburg. Like Stralsund, both Stockholm and St. Petersburg are situated on the Baltic coast. And like the Bohnstedt family in Stralsund, the Bohnstedt families in Stockholm and St. Petersburg were often businessmen and traders, government officials, and other professions, such as doctors, lawyers, and artists.

If there was any part of this family that might be considered "rural", it might be the family line in East Prussia descending from Christoph Bohnstädt, another son of Bartholomäus Bonstedt. Many sections of this family line existed in the countryside as wealthy farming estate owners. A number of Bohnstedt men who descended from this family line also became government officials and businessmen, like their distant cousins in Sweden and Russia. A number of them also became senior military officers.

The genealogical Family Tables in Part 1 are subdivided into thirteen sections. For the most part they are arranged and grouped according to geographic region; such as Pomerania, Sweden, Russia, Norway, and Australia. The amount of information in the "Prussian" lines is much more extensive, and is therefore broken down into six sub-groups. The arrangement of these sub-groups is modeled after the logical arrangement used by Dr. Georg Bohnstedt in the Appendix G: Mitglieder de Bohnstedt'schen Familien-Verbandes März 1938 (1938 List), in the Appendix I: Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt (1923 Stammbaum) and described in more detail in The Bohnstedt Lines in Prussia and the Bohnstedt Noble Estates.

The families and individuals listed in Part 1 all have verifiable relationships to each other, and all descended from "A. Bonsted".

here, or on the image above for a detailed genealogical chart showing the various Bohnstedt Family Lines of this group

In Part 1:

Part 1 Narrative:

1-1 / Researching the Bohnstedts in Europe and Russia
        - Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt
        - Wolfgang Bohnstedt's Research
        - Duane Bohnstedt's Los Angeles Visit
        - My Involvement
        - The Australian Connection
        - Research in Sweden and Norway
        - Research in Russia
        - Meetings in Sweden and Germany

1-2 /
The Bohnstedts in the Sachsen-Anhalt Region
        - Almost Five Hundred Years Ago
        - Julius Bonstedt
        - Bartholomäus Bonstedt

1-3 /
The Bohnstedts and the Protestant Reformation
        - Sigismund Bonstedt, Georg Bohnstedt, and the Protestant Reformation
        - Jacob Bonstedt and Daniel Eberhard Bohnstedt

1-4 /
Pastor David Sigismund Bohnstedt
        - The Preacher From Halberstadt
        - The Call To Essen

1-5 / Heraldry and the Bohnstedt Coats-Of-Arms; German Westfalen Bohnstedt Arms

1-6 / Descendants of David Sigismund Bohnstedt
        - Bohnstedts In and Near Essen
        - Bohnstedts and the Dutch East India Company
        - Eduard Bohnstedt, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
        - Bohnstedt, Kind & Co., New York

1-7 /
The Bohnstedts in Swedish Pomerania
        - The Bohnstedts in the Seaport City of Stralsund
        - Theodora Bohnstedt and Mark Jefferson

1-8 /
Carl Fredrik Bohnstedt, and the C.F. Bohnstedt Firm
        - The Bohnstedts in the Seaport City of Stockholm
        - The Iron Age

1-9 /
Teodor Ludvig von Bohnstedt, and the Bohnstedt Nobility
        - A Man With Vision
        - The Bohnstedt Nobility
        - Bohnstedts väg ("Bohnstedt's Way")
        - Final Resting Places

1-10 / Heraldry and the Bohnstedt Coats-Of-Arms; Swedish Bohnstedt Arms
1-11 /
The Bohnstedt Line in Sweden and The Descendants of Johan Carl Fredrik "Fritz" Bohnstedt
        - Bergman & Bohnstedt
        - The Bohnstedt Line in Stockholm
        - The Swedish Bohnstedts in the 20th Century

1-12 /
The First Bohnstedts in Russia
        - The Bohnstedts in the Seaport City of St. Petersburg
        - Ludvig Bohnstedt
        - The von Marc Family

1-13 /
Architect and Artist, Ludwig Franz Karl Bohnstedt
        - Ludwig Bohnstedt, the Architect
        - The Reichstag That Almost Was
        - Ludwig Bohnstedt, the Artist
        - Bohnstedtstrasze in Gotha
        - Ludwig Bohnstedt, the Family Man

1-14 / Gallery: The Artistic works of Ludwig Franz Karl Bohnstedt

1-15 /
The Bohnstedt Line in Russia and The Descendants of Edvard Ludvig Bohnstedt
        - Edvard Ludvig Bohnstedt
        - Maximilian Eduardovich Bohnstedt
        - Wilhelm Eduardovich Bohnstedt
        - Franz Eduardovich Bohnstedt

1-16 /
Geologist Elza Bohnstedt-Kupletski and "Bonshtedtite"

1-17 /
Doctor Rudolf Maximilianovich Bohnstedt

1-18 /
The Bohnstedt Lines in Prussia
         - The Origins of the Noble Estates and the Teutonic Knights
         - The Six Bohnstedt Family Houses

1-19 / Heraldry and the Bohnstedt Coats-Of-Arms; Prussian Bohnstedt Arms

1-20 / The Bohnstedt Noble Estates (THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

1-21 / The Brodtkowitz Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Karl August Heinrich Bohnstedt II

1-22 /
The Brodtkowitz Bohnstedt Line: Max Bohnstedt, and Hotel Bohnstedt in Mexico
         - “Maximo” in Mexico
         - Where Was Hotel Bohnstedt?
         - FerroCarril Nacioneles de Mexico (The Train Station)
         - Conclusions and Questions

1-23 /
The Brodtkowitz Bohnstedt Line: The Bohnstedts in Norway

1-24 / The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Ferdinand Wilhelm Adolf Bohnstedt
         - Ferdinand Wilhelm Adolf Bohnstedt, and Bohnstedtstrasse in Lichtenrade
         - Descendants of Carl Heinrich Gumal Bohnstedt
         - Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Ottokar Bohnstedt
         - Descendants of Georg Paul Emil Wilhelm Bohnstedt
         - Descendants of Paul Wilhelm Sigismund Werner Bohnstedt

1-25 /
The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line: Colonel Eberhard Bohnstedt
         - The First World War
         - The Path to Blitzkrieg
         - The New Luftwaffe
         - El Salvador
         - Sorting Things Out

1-26 /
The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line: The First Bohnstedts in Los Angeles
         - "Los Angeles is a small town..."
         - Gottfried Bohnstedt
         - Helene Bohnstedt and Werner Bohnstedt
         - Hans Bohnstedt
         - The Next Bohnstedts in Los Angeles
         - Research Update: January 2016

1-27 /
The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line: Andrea Bohnstedt

1-28 /
The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line: Martin Bohnstedt

1-29 / The Buchwäldchen Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Albert Bohnstedt
         - Albert Bohnstedt
         - Descendants of Alexander Reinhold Bohnstedt
         - Descendants of Conrad Albert Bohnstedt
         - Analysis

1-30 /
The Buchwäldchen Bohnstedt Line: The Bohnstedts and Prussian Military Tradition

1-31 /
The Buchwäldchen Bohnstedt Line: General Wilhelm Bohnstedt
         - A Young Lieutenant Bohnstedt
         - General Bohnstedt and the Second World War

1-32 / The Bärenklau Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Heinrich Julius Ferdinand Bohnstedt

1-33 / The Kaltenhausen Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Bohnstedt

         - The Descendants of Ludwig Ferdinand Wilhelm Bohnstedt
         - Friedrich Wilhelm Bohnstedt and the Kaltenhausen Line

1-34 / The Kaltenhausen Bohnstedt Line: Hermann Wilhelm Otto Bohnstedt in Deutsche Südwestafrika

1-35 / The Krämersdorf Bohnstedt Line: The Descendants of Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Bohnstedt 
         - Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Bohnstedt and the Krämersdorf Line
         - Edgar Bohnstedt

1-36 /
The Krämersdorf Bohnstedt Line: The Bohnstedts in Australia and China



Part 1 Genealogy and Records:

1-37 / Genealogy 1-1: Langeln and Sachsen-Anhalt

1-38 /
Genealogy 1-2: Swedish Pomerania

1-39 /
Genealogy 1-3: Sweden

1-40 /
Genealogy 1-4: Russia

1-41 /
Genealogy 1-5: Essen and Western Germany

1-42 /
Genealogy 1-6-1: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Brodtkowitz

1-43 /
Genealogy 1-6-2: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Lichtenrade

1-44 /
Genealogy 1-6-3: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Buchwäldchen

1-45 /
Genealogy 1-6-4: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Bärenklau

1-46 /
Genealogy 1-6-5: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Kaltenhausen

1-47 /
Genealogy 1-6-6: Prussia and Eastern Germany: Krämersdorf

1-48 /
Genealogy 1-7: Norway

1-49 /
Genealogy 1-8: Australia