The Brodtkowitz Bohnstedt Line:
The Bohnstedts in Norway

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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Walter Bohnstedt with oldest daughter, Hjørdis, circa 1921-1922


Walter Rudolf Bohnstedt, the youngest child of Carl and Gottliebe Bohnstedt, was born in 1880, and like his siblings, he was born at his parents Georgewitz Estate.

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1. Walter Rudolf Bohnstedt
2. Walter's wife, Gunvor (Erichson) Bohnstedt

In 1916 he married in Wien (Vienna) Austria to a Norwegian girl named Gunvor Erichson. By that time Walter's fortunes were on the rise and he was pursuing a career as a business manager, directing facilities and offices of an electrical engineering company called "AEG Electrizitätswerke" in Åbo, Finland and Craiova, Romania.

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Gunvor Bohnstedt with triplet daughters.

Walter and Gunvor's first child was born in Finland, sometime between 1916 and 1919, but the child died young, when it was only five days old. Their next child, a daughter named Hjørdis was born in Åbo, Finland in 1920.

In 1921 Walter began building his own electrical engineering company called "Walter Bohnstedt A/S" in Olso, Norway. Three years later Walter and Gunvor added to their family; triplets. The triplets, all girls, Solveig, Gunvor, and Else, were born in 1924 in Oslo.

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1. A young Hjørdis "Bonnie" Bohnstedt with the triplets, Solveig, Gunvor, and Else
2. The triplets; Else, Gunvor ("Tullick") and Solveig, late 1940's or early 1950's

When Walter retired, his oldest daughter, Hjørdis, known as "Bonnie", helped with management of the firm. Eventually Walter and Gunvor's four daughters each retained a portion of the company that Walter had founded in Norway, and Gunvor's husband, Henrik Ingerslev, took over management of the company after Walter's death.

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A composite panorama of modern Oslo, Norway

Bonnie never married, but Else, Gunvor and Solvieg each married and had children. In Scandinavian countries children are sometimes given the mother's maiden surname, especially when the mother has an unusual name. Else married Nils Gerhard Aas is in 1950 but their two children Jan Gerhard and Elisabeth both carried the Bohnstedt name.

1. David Bohnstedt with his children L-R; Wilma, Viola and Bertram
2. David's sister, Mette Kim Bohnstedt

3. David and Mette's aunt, Elisabeth Colov, with her daughter, Sophia

Else later relocated to Denmark with her children Jan and Elisabeth. That we know of, Else's son, Jan, had three children; a son named David, and two daughters, Maria Lykke and Mette Kim (who goes by the name Mette Kim Bohnstedt Larsen). Elisabeth had one daughter named Sophia Alexandra. But Sophia was given her father's name of Colov.  The Bohnstedt name from this line is carried forward by David's children; Wilma, Bertram and Viola.


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