The Brodtkowitz Bohnstedt Line:
The Descendants of Karl August Heinrich Bohnstedt II

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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B/W photo of the portrait of Karl August Heinrich Bohnstedt II.


Accorfing to family records, Karl August Heinrich Bohnstedt II was born in 1797 on the Hirschfelde Estate in Groß-Machnow. He was married to Mathilde von Loeben. As his father had done he acquired a farming estate of his own; the Brodtkowitz Estate, for which this family line is named.

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1-2. Portraits of Karl August Heinrich Bohnstedt II (left) and Mathilde (von Loeben) Bohnstedt. These images were taken from a very small photograph, in which the portraits appeared on a wall in the background.

Karl and Mathilde had three children that we know of. The oldest, Rudolf, was born in 1826 in Limberg, but he died at 19 years of age in Berlin. The second, a daughter named Mathilde (after her mother), was married to a banker with the last name of Püschel. We know nothing of her family or descendants.

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Karl August Heinrich's son, Karl Heinrich August Bohnstedt

The third child, a son born in 1832, at his parent's Brodtkowitz Estate, was named Karl Heinrich August Bohnstedt. Carl followed family tradition and became the proprietor of a farming estate near Löbau; the Georgewitz Estate. He married Gottliebe Anders and they had seven children from 1859 to 1880; Kurt, born in 1859, Max, born in 1861, Alexander, born in 1864, Karl, born in 1871, Marie, born in 1874, Fritz, born in 1875, and Walter Rudolf, born in 1880.

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The Georgewitz Estate manor house. The handwriting at the bottom appears to have a date of 1863, or possibly 1865.

With the exception of the oldest child, Kurt, all of the children were born on the Georgewitz Estate. Kurt was born in 1859 and the next child, Max, was born in 1861. This suggests that Carl acquired the Georgewitz Estate sometime during 1859 - 1861.

The oldest of the children, Kurt Karl Rudolf Bohnstedt, married Anna Groß (Gross). He became an "Oberlehrer", a senior instructor at a military academy or officer training school in Lichterfelde. Kurt's first wife, Anna, died in 1903. He remarried again, possibly around 1911, to Barbara Regneri. Kurt and Barbara had one daughter named Edith in 1912 (one source spells the daughter's name "Enit" but this is probably wrong). The girl died two years later. About 1925 Kurt moved to Austria. He died twelve years later in Innsbruck, Austria.

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1. Kurt K.R. Bohnstedt with cadets at a physical training class
2. Close-up, Kurt Karl Rudolf Bohnstedt

Kurt's younger brother, Max, moved with his wife Gertrude to Mexico, where he acquired a hotel. His story is told in Max Bohnstedt, and Hotel Bohnstedt in Mexico. Alexander, Carl's third child, followed a career in forestry, but he died when he was 19 years old, killed or shot to death in the forest near Olbernau in 1883.

According to records, the fourth child, Karl, was a merchant or businessman in Korbigsdorf near Löbau. Karl must have started his career at an early age because he died in 1892 when was 21 years old. The fifth child, Marie, married Karl Schwetasch and they had one child in 1901, a daughter named Lotte.

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Marie (Bohnstedt) Schwetasch with daughter, Lotte, who is standing on a chair next to her mother.

Fritz Bohnstedt, the sixth child, married Wilhelmine Kübler and they had two sons; Max Bohnstedt (1907), and Heinrich Bohnstedt (1909). We know nothing of any wife or children of Heinrich. But we do know a little of Max's family. Max Bohnstedt was married to Marie Bauer and they had four children, three daughters and one son, Walter Heinrich Bohnstedt.

Grave of Max Bohnstedt and Marie (Bauer) Bohnstedt in Böllenborn Cemetery, Bollenborn, Südliche Weinstraßener Landkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

Carl's youngest son, Walter Rudolf Bohnstedt, married in Austria to Gunvor Erichson and had four daughters. His story is told in The Bohnstedts in Norway.

If there were any remaining male descendants of this Brodtkowitz Line to be found still perpetuating the Bohnstedt name in Germany, it would have to be from Walter Heinrich Bohnstedt.


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