Doctor Rudolf Maximilianovich Bohnstedt

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Doctor Rudolf M. Bohnstedt


Rudolf Maximilianovich Bohnstedt was born in 1900, a twin to Boris Bohnstedt and a son of Maximilian and Ida Bohnstedt. After serving in the Soviet Army he studied dermatology at the München (Munich) University under the famous Munich dermatologist Leopold Ritter von Zumbusch. For a few years Rudolf worked at the Skin clinic at the München University.

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1. Rudolf Maximilianovitch Bohnstedt, circa 1912-1914, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
2. Doctor Rudolf M. Bohnstedt. This picture was probably taken in Germany.

Rudolf was married in 1934 in München to Gabriele Rauchenberger, and they had one daughter in 1935 in Dresden, Maria Brigitta. But Rudolf's marriage to Gabriele did not last.

Rudolf had to leave the University in Munich in 1935 for political reasons. As the Third Reich rose to power in the 1930's they began removing anybody that they considered undesirable from academic and professional positions across Germany. The classification of "undesirable" included not only Jews and those that the Nazi's considered racially inferior, but also culturally inferior and politically dangerous.

The fact that Rudolf had come from Russia may have contributed to the problem, despite the fact that the Bohnstedt family in Russia were originally transplants from Germany.

After leaving the Munich University in 1935 Rudolf built his own private practice in Berlin and Dresden until the end of the war in 1945. Rudolf married again in 1941 in Berlin to Liselotte Margarete Böttcher.

Rudolf and Liselotte had three daughters: Anita Christine was born in Berlin in 1941, Gabriele was born in 1943 in Marburg, and Franziska Maria was born in 1949, also in Marburg. Anita, whose married name became Weise was responsible for acquiring most of the pictures and photographs of her Bohnstedt cousins, relatives and ancestors in Russia.

In 1949 Rudolf was appointed Professor of Dermatology at the University in Geissen where he rebuilt the skin clinic damaged by the war. He established new departments for dermatological X-ray therapy and medical physics. According to one Internet source, Dr. Rudolf Bohnstedt was mainly interested in relationships between skin diseases and affected or malfunctioning internal organs.

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1. Doctor Rudolf M. Bohnstedt during his professorship at the University of Geissen, 1949-1969
2. Several printed works on skin diseases reference works and research done by Rudolf Bohnstedt, including this 2000 work by Torkil Menne and Howard I. Maibach;
Hand Eczema, Second Edition

Rudolf stayed at the Geissen clinic until 1969, one year before his death. Through his two marriages he had four daughters, and at least eleven grandchildren under the names Geigenberger, Weise, Schad, and Baumgartner.

Dr. Rudolf Bohnstedt's published works and scientific research have been referenced in numerous works, such as Hand Eczema, Second Edition, 2000. Searches for works published under Dr. Bohnstedt's name will yield results such as these:

Dermatologie: Bildband Tropon-Werken , 1965

Bildband zu Dermatologie, 1968

Dermatologie. Bildband, 1975


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