Appendix I:
Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt
(1923 Stammbaum)

This is a reproduction of Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt, compiled in 1923. The images of the document provided here were obtained from the archives of the German National Library by Mr. Peter Braun, a historical researcher and author, and a friend of the Bohnstedt family.

The author is unknown. However, it is likely that the 1939 Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt family tree chart created by Edgar Bohnstedt was based closely on this document. Every individual in this document matches known information for Bohnstedts already recorded in this Bohnstedt History CD.

However, page 40 lists a Christian Gottlieb Bohnstedt, married 1746 to Florentina Sophia Rumbholtz. One son is listed for this couple; Christian Ludwig Bohnstedt, born 1739, seven years before the marriage of his parents. These people do not match the information we already had for any other Bohnstedt in this work, and the nature of their relationship to the rest of the family is unclear.

Moreover, page 3 of the 1923 Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt shows an "Outline Family Tree" of sorts, with the main family houses identified by letters A through E and main family lines descending from these houses identified with Roman numerals I through VI. The information pertaining to Christian Gottlieb Bohnstedt and Christian Ludwig Bohnstedt on page 40 seems to be identified as a main Family House with the letter "F", not shown on the outline chart on page 3. This would imply that the author of this Stammbaum had found these individuals named in a record or records somewhere, and because he assumed that they were probably related, included them in this stammbaum.

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Book References:
- Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt 1923. (Author and publisher unknown)

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