Appendix J:
Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt
(1939 Stammbaum)

As I was contacting Bohnstedts in Germany and other parts of Europe in preparation for the 1998 Bohnstedt Family History book I was told by Martin Bohnstedt that I should ask about a chart called the "Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt", or "Stammerolle".

The 1939 Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt, was compiled by Edgar Bohnstedt, from various sources, and (obviously) drawn in 1939. This Stammbaum showed many branches of the Bohnstedt family descending from Bartholomäus Bonstedt and his great-grandson, August Wilhelm Bohnstedt. According to Martin Bohnstedt, the Stammbaum chart was probably compiled and drawn up for the Nazi government. The Stammbaum chart was about 13 feet (4 meters) in length.

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1. Oscar Hugo Edgar Victor Bohnstedt was a career army officer and a military legal official. By 1945 he had been promoted to Oberst [Colonel].  There is also some evidence that he was promoted again, to general, when he was made a "generalrichter" [general judge], although his appointment to this rank did not last long since the war in Europe ended in early May, 1945.  I'm no expert on German military insignia, but I believe this picture was taken when Edgar was still an "Oberst [Colonel].  Edgar drew, or had drawn, the 1939 Stammbaum.

2. Family members reviewing a master copy of the Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt at the home of
Hans-Joachim Bohnstedt in Ismaning Germany

As mentioned in Appendix I: Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt (1923), this 1939 Stammbaum chart was most likely based on the earlier 1923 Document.

Several master copies of this chart were made shortly after the chart was drawn up. These master-copies were distributed to several family members as a precaution. In the event that one of the other master-copies was damaged or destroyed others would survive, and the information contained in it. It is not known for certain how many of the master-copies were distributed. We know of at least four, although there were probably several others.

Martin Bohnstedt's aunt had one copy in her keeping, but was lost when the family fled westward from Silesia at the end of the Second World War. A second copy was discovered in the possession of Wolfram Bohnstedt of Melbourne Australia. Wolfram's grandfather was the same Edgar Bohnstedt who had originally drawn up this chart, so he most likely inherited it from his grandfather. A third copy was discovered in Norway, and was in custody of Hjørdis Bohnstedt in Oslo. A fourth copy kept by Hinrik Bohnstedt, was loaned to Hans-Joachim Bohnstedt from Ismaning Germany, who had a reproduction made. This second-generation reproduction was sent to me for the purposes of research for the 1998 book.

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3. Title block; Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt

Included in this work is a scanned image of the entire 1939 Stammbaum created by Edgar Bohnstedt, something I was not able to do in the 1998 printed edition. In actuality, the chart had to be scanned in many different sections with some difficulty, reduced in size, and then merged back together using graphics software, and finally, cleaned up just a little bit.

The greatly reduced image below shows the layout of the chart: the title section (shown above) is placed near the upper left hand corner. The earliest ancestor shown on the family tree, Bartholomaüs Bonstedt (Edgar spells it "Bohnstedt") appears as the top-most subject, placed at the top of the chart in the right hand portion.

4. The entire 1939 Stammbaum created by Edgar Bohnstedt.

Click here or on the image above to view the entire "1939 Stammbaum".

Once inside, click on any name to go to a genealogical table for that individual, or click on the information below the name to bring up an enlargement of that portion.


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