Appendix K:
Danish Genealogy Charts

Peter Bohnstedt provided a copy of the first chart presented here, which details the descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt. It was apparently typed up by Peter's father, Poul Johannes Bohnstedt. It is undated, but we are fairly certain it was created sometime in the 1950's.

According to Peter Bohnstedt, his father, Poul Bohnstedt, was asked by the law firm handling Otto Nikolaj Bohnstedt's estate to prove his relationship to Otto by showing his own relationship to Otto, and to the rest of Otto's family as well in order to claim his share of the inheritance. Poul proved his relationship to Otto Bohnstedt and the rest of the family with this genealogical chart. The original appears to have been typed on four separate pieces of very thin, semi-transparent typewriter paper, and then taped together to form a larger document.

1. Bohnstedt family chart, by Poul Johannes Bohnstedt. This is a Arveerklæring (statement of heritage). Click Here, or on the image to view the entire chart.

A copy of the second chart presented here was originally provided to me by Peter Bohnstedt-Petersen in the late 1990's, which I lost. A second copy was later provided to me by Peter Bohnstedt-Petersen's nephew, Frank Bohnstedt-Petersen. The information on this chart was researched by a genealogist in Denmark and paid for by the Bohnstedt-Petersen family, most likely Christian Bohnstedt-Petersen. It shows the various branches of ancestry for Christian Bohnstedt-Petersen, including the Bohnstedt ancestral line, going back through Charlotte Amalie Bohnstedt (Christian's mother), Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt (Christian's grandfather), and Johann Friedrich Bohnstedt.

2. Ancestral genealogy chart of
Christian Bohnstedt-Petersen. Click Here, or on the image to view the entire chart.

The importance of these two documents is clear. The first chart shows that older generations KNEW of the family relationship between the ancestors of several Bohnstedt families in Denmark descending from Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, and his children; Henrik Vilhelm Ludvig, Aage Nicolaj, Kaj, Johanne Augusta, Edith Christense and Magda Lovisa. The second chart shows the ancestry of Charlotte Amalie Bohnstedt going back to Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt.

These two documents, combined with research compiled by Danish Bohnstedts such as Benny Bohnstedt Jensen, Jørgen Bohnstedt Røge, and Thorkil Svendsen, which identify Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, Charlotte Amalie Bohnstedt and several others as being children of Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, provide a framework in which nearly every person in Denmark bearing the Bohnstedt family name, with few exceptions, can be placed.

3.  1880 Danish Census showing the family of Johan Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt.

Although they are not in the classification of "charts" I chose to include a census record on this page because it clearly shows the ancestral relationships between all of the Bohnstedt family lines in Denmark.  This census record, from 1880 lists the family of Johan Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, including his wife, Johanne Augusta (Poulsen) and children Heinrich, Ernst, Lucie (Louise), Johan Gotfred, Charlotte Amalie, Otto Nikolaj, and Emma Elisabeth.  The third and fourth children, Sophie Frederikke and Heinrich Gotfried, do not appear on this census.  Sophie was married in July 1880, and although the census was taken in February of that year, there may have been other reasons Sophie was not enumerated in the household.  Heinrich Gotfried died in 1860, the year after he was born.  Otto Adolf does not appear on the census, so it is assumed that he died young, before 1880.  Elvine Sophie and Christian were born in 1873 (Elvine) and 1876 (Christian Tolvgaard) and may have died young.


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