The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line:
Andrea Bohnstedt

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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Andrea Bohnstedt


Bengt Bohnstedt, born in 1944, was a division director in GIZ for many years. GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit / "German Society for International Cooperation") is an organization created by the German government for the purpose of distributing government donations to developing countries. During the early 2000s Bengt was the director of GIZ's El Salvador office. It was during this time that he met Major Mitchel Bohnstedt from the United States Army who was stationed in El Salvador at the time. Bengt was later transferred to GIZ offices in Asia.

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1. Bengt Bohnstedt, director of GIZ's El Salvador division
2. Andrea Bohnstedt (right) with her brother, Sven, and sister Kristina

It may have been Bengt's work in global philanthropy that inspired his daughter, Andrea. Andrea Bohnstedt is a name that appears repeatedly in connection with the world of economics, especially in the area of developing Africa.

While completing her Master's degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science Andrea was working internships and assignments with GIZ, including the Financial Systems Development Division and Banking Systems in GIZ head office in Eschborn, Germany.

From 1999 to 2000 Andrea worked as Public Relations Officer with Financial System Development (FSD) Project, Bank of Uganda (BoU), and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit/German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), in Kampala, Uganda where she performed studies on capital market development and regulation of financial institutions and handled relationship management and national and international contacts. She also handled planning, organization and documentation of conferences and and workshops, and evaluations of inquiries and proposals and policy development.

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1. Andrea Bohnstedt has been sought out for her expertise in African financial matters for such books as Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil, by John Ghazvinian, 2007
2. Andrea visiting a tribal shrine in Africa

From 2001 to 2003 Andrea worked for Bankakadamie International, in Frankfurt, Germany as a project manager where she handled a number of duties including project planning, management and controlling, acquisition of projects, planning and organization of seminars and conferences, and public relations.

1-2. A sample of one of Andrea's interviews; this one with CNBC Africa, discussing the "Sustainability of Kenya's Mobile Sector Price War" (11:27, mp4).

In 2003 Andrea accepted a position with Global Insight / World Markets Research Centre (WMRC), in London. In this position she has done a number of media comments and interviews with such news services as BBC, CNBC, AFP, Bloomberg, and ITN. She has also worked as a freelance analyst for Dunn and Bradstreet, Oxford Analytica, and Africa Investor Magazine.

One of Andrea Bohnstedt's recent projects; the launch of Ratio, an online magazine concerned with business and economics in Africa.

In late 2009 - early 2010 Andrea launched Ratio, on line magazine concerned with economics and business in Africa. According to the Ratio website, the goal of the Internet publication is to:

"Provide information of the east African business and economic environment, highlighting both opportunities and risks....Provide structured analysis to support informed risk management; With a clear market and private sector focus, discuss the roles and responsibilities, but also limits, of government to create a supportive environment for responsible business....Situate East Africa in the wider dynamics of economic development in sub-Saharan Africa and globally to support the region’s integration into the global economy and the pursuit of global best practices."


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