The Lichtenrade Bohnstedt Line:
Martin Bohnstedt

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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After graduating from Werner-Heisenberg gymnasium in 1986 (the approximate equivalent of high school and middle school) Martin Bohnstedt studied human rights law, African studies and political science in Austria, first at the University of Vienna and then at the University of Salzburg where he earned his masters degree in 1994. While in school Martin was a member of several student organizations, including the European Law Student's Association, the Austrian National Union of Students, and the student branch of the Austrian United Nations Association.

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1. Martin Bohnstedt at his parent's home, late 1990's
2. United Nations Logo

In 1994 and 1995 Martin extended his education at the School of Oriental and African Studies, which is part of the University of London. He spent a training period as a trainee judge at various courts in and around Wien (Vienna) Austria in 1995 and 1996.
Martin was then recruited by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to work on two elections in the Serbian portion of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1997. Since then he has returned to the Balkans region and Eastern Europe on a number of occasions to function as a short-term OSCE election observer.

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3. UNITAR logo
4. May, 2001 seminar on international courts in Iran. Martin Bohnstedt, left

In 1998 Martin began working for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, or UNITAR. As a team member in a department responsible for on-the-job training in international law and international relations Martin has been responsible for organizing workshops for diplomats, government officials and university teachers in developing countries. Many of these courses were held at the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Vienna Austria, but during the next few years this work took Martin on field trips across the globe to places such as Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Gambia, Iran, Kenya, and New Zealand.

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5. Martin Bohnstedt with OSCE, Summer, 2001 in Kosovo. This photo was staged for a publication.

In 2001 Martin took time away from UNITAR for about six months to serve as a legal advisor with the OSCE Mission in Kosovo where he was again closely involved in preparing elections in the Balkans. In this capacity he was a member of a "watch-dog" group resembling a court that was assembled for the purpose of the elections.

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6. Martin Bohnstedt, Yaounde, Cameroon, 2002, at an opening ceremony
7. Television news interview of Martin Bohnstedt on the occasion of the opening ceremony

Since 2002 Martin was also responsible for UNITAR training seminars for the civilian personnel of UN peacekeeping operations. These training seminars included gender relations and children's human rights, and are designed to teach UN peace-keepers to pay closer attention to the needs of children and women in countries emerging from war or conflict, and to promote the involvement of women in the development and political process of their countries.

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8. U.N. vehicles stuck in the snow in Tajikistan, photo by Martin Bohnstedt
9. United Nations camp in Burundi, photo by Martin Bohnstedt

In 2004-2005 Martin set up and managed a new UNITAR project office in the capital of Tajikistan in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan to the south, China to the East and other Central Asian countries to the north. Martin has spent time in a number of countries emerging from war. At this writing he has spent time in Afghanistan, Burundi, Congo (formerly Zaire), East Timor, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti and Kosovo.  Martin served as a Human Rights Officer in United Nations peacekeeping operations in Iraq from 2007-2013, in Sierra Leone for a period in 2011, and in Afghanistan from 2013-2015.

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10-11. Two titles from the Lonely Planet travel series, to which Martin has contributed: Lonely Planet; Africa on a Shoestring, and Lonely Planet: Madagascar & Comoros

The extensive traveling that Martin undertakes for his job also suits his hobby well; stamp collecting, and places him in an ideal position to make new acquisitions. It has also equipped him to contribute to a few travel guides (above). Martin has also contributed greatly to research efforts for this Bohnstedt history.


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