Gallery: The Artistic Works of Ludwig Franz Karl Bohnstedt

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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View of the landing stage by the Winter Palace, 1847, depicting the Imperial Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The painting was done by Ludwig Franz Karl Bohnstedt, a well-known architect and son of Ludwig Bohnstedt, the ancestor of the Russian Bohnstedt line.


This collection represents all of the paintings and artistic works I could find and identify. Except for drawings of buildings which pertain more directly to his work as an architect, most of Ludwig's paintings and art works took the form of landscapes or landscapes with buildings in them simply because these places interested him.

1. Die Temple von Paestum, 1841
2. Nevsky Prospekt by Anichkov Bridge, 1847

Apparently there were a number of paintings by different artists that represented views of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and which were presented to Queen Victoria of the British Empire to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her reign.  This would have been in June of 1847.  There were at least twelve such works in this collection that were gifted to Queen Victoria, and four of them (one above and three below) were painted by Ludwig Bohnstedt.  I personally found it curious that all of the information I found on the worldwide web about these four works give the year of completion as being 1847. On one hand it could be that no one was actually certain of the dates that they were painted, but they applied 1847 to them since that was when they were given to Queen Victoria.  On the other hand, it might well be that these works were all commissioned at the same time, and that Ludwig did "complete" them all in the same year; 1847, before the presentation.

1. Cameron Gallery and Grotto on the Shore of the Pond in Tsarskoye Selo, 1847
2. View of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island (Veduta della punta dell'isola Vasil'ev), 1847

One of the 1847 works; "Karl Neva Embankment by the Western Facade of the Winter Palace" (also referred to by some as "View of the landing stage by the Winter Palace") was presented by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain to K.E. Voroshylov, Chairman of the USSR Supreme Council in 1956.  Essentially, it was "re-gifted".

1. Bayerische Berglandschaft, 1850
2. Landschaft Vor Rom Mit Blick Auf Die Kuppel Von St. Peter, 1852
3. Südliche Landschaft, date uncertain; possibly 1855–1863

1. Forum Romanum, 1862
2. Mountain Landscape, 1863
3. Segelschiffe vor der Küste bei Cette in Südfrankreich, 1867

1. At the Fountain, Sorrento, 1868
2. Castello Aragonese, 1878
3. A Seascape by Ludwig, title unknown, 1880

1. Gelageszene am Golf von Sorrent Villa Pollio Felice (Lounging scene on the Gulf of Sorrento Villa Pollio Felice), 1880
2. Neapel: Blick vom Sta Lucia auf Castel dell'Ovo,1883

1. The Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns, St. Petersburg, Illuminated at Night, date unknown
2. In den Sabiner Bergen, date unknown
3. View of Vesuvius, date unknown

It seems that Ludwig preferred painting landscapes and cityscapes more than human portraits. However, he did paint a few. One of these was of Carl Mathies, a civic leader and businessman of some note in Gotha, Germany. It appears that Mathies had ties to Portugal, which may have benefitted Ludwig Bohnstedt by creating business opportunities for him as an architect in Portugal.

1. Portrait of an unknown subject, date unknown.  This might be Paul Claudel, a French Poet, dramatist and diplomat of the late nineteenth century and early 20th century. However, this is not certain.
2. Carl Mathies, a civic leader and businessman in Gotha.
3. An elegant lady in profile. The exact title of the work, the name of the subject, and the date are unknown.


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