Part 3
The Gevensleben Bohnstedt Line (Group 3)
in America

The Bohnstedt Family Originating in Gevensleben and Calvörde, Germany, and extending into Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona

The "Gevensleben" Bohnstedt Line in America discusses a single Bohnstedt family which originated in Gevensleben, Germany in the early 1700s, migrated to America, and extended into Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and the Pacific Coast.

The ancestors of most of the Bohnstedt family in the United States today traveled to America in sailing ships in the 1800s. The ancestor of the largest segment of the American Bohnstedt family emigrated from Prussian Germany in 1848 aboard a ship named the "Pioneer". The term "pioneers" might also appropriately characterize the Bohnstedt family in in America. Upon arrival in America, the Bohnstedts obtained land grants, cleared their piece of land and began farming it. They built their own houses, dug their own water wells and grew their own food.

The first Bohnstedt immigrants in America discussed in this Part 3 settled in Ohio. Johann Carl Christian Bohnstedt, the ancestor of the majority of the Bohnstedt clan in America, also settled in Ohio near his relatives, but moved on to Illinois.

As the next generation of Bohnstedts was born in Illinois, they followed the same path of obtaining land and farming it. Land continued to become available as the United States government expanded it's territory across the continent. As this trend continued, the Bohnstedts began migrating outward. The grandsons of Johann Carl Christian and Dorothea Bohnstedt spread outward from their small community in Illinois, to new places in Indiana, Missouri, and Nebraska. As they had done in Illinois and Ohio, they obtained land grants, and began farms. Some migrated as far west as Wyoming.

By the late 1800's the industrial revolution was gaining momentum, and some of the younger Bohnstedts found work in mining in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. By the early 1900s the third generation of Bohnstedts in America was becoming more urbanized, moving into the city areas and developing occupations in industry and technical trades in places such as Michigan and the metropolitan areas near such cities as Seattle and Chicago.

Now, in the early part of the 21st Century the Bohnstedts in the United States have spread across the continent and made homes in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, Georgia, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Wyoming, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and other states. There are few, if any Bohnstedt farmers left at all in America. Some work in industrial and technical trades while others have found professional careers in business, or medicine and the sciences, or in the arts. But the stories and memories of the Bohnstedt ancestors as pioneers in America remain.

The genealogical Family Tables in Part 3 are subdivided into twelve sections, each section representing a branch of this family descending from one Bohnstedt patriarch, and grouped, more or less, within geographic areas. For example: Genealogy section 3-1 deals mainly with the very early ancestors of the this Bohnstedt family. Section 3-2 deals with the Bohnstedt line descending from August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt in Ohio and Wyoming. Sections 3-3-1 through 3-3-10 then deal with Bohnstedt family lines in America descending from the sons of Johann Carl Christian and Dorothea Bohnstedt. Descendants of Georg August Heinrich Gottlieb "James" Bohnstedt and Ludwig "Lewis" Bohnstedt have been divided along geographic lines - James's descendants in sections 3-3-4, 3-3-5 and 3-3-6, and Lewis's descendants in sections 3-3-8, 3-3-9, and 3-3-10. This was necessary due to the large numbers of descendants from each of these men.

The families and individuals listed in Part 3 all have verifiable relationships to each other,and all descended from Johann Matthäus Bohnstedt.

here, or on the image above, for a detailed genealogical chart showing the various Bohnstedt Family Lines of this group

In Part 3:

Part 3 Narrative:

3-1 /  Researching the Bohnstedt Family in America
        - How Many Cousins Do I Have?

3-2 /
From Gevensleben to Braunschweig to Calvörde
        - Speculations
        - Service in the Militia

3-3 /
The Sea Voyages to America and the Bohnstedt Settlers in Ohio
        - 1825; Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlieb Bohnstedt
        - 1848; Friedrich Gottlieb Jacob "Frederick" Bohnstedt
        - 1848; Johann Carl Christian Bohnstedt
        - 1867-78; August Bohnstedt Sr. and August Bohnstedt Jr.
        - Duncan Falls Cemetery
        - A Family Myth

3-4 / The Descendants of August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt in Ohio and Wyoming

        - August Bohnstedt Jr. in Ohio
            - Descendants of Charles Bohnstedt
            - Descendants of Albert H. Bohnstedt
        - Fred Bohnstedt in Wyoming

3-5 /
The Bohnstedt Family and the American Civil War
        - Frederick Bohnstedt
        - Henry Bohnstedt
        - Carl H. "Charles" Bohnstedt

3-6 /
The Descendants of Johann Carl Christian and Wilhelm Bohnstedt in Illinois
        - Johann Carl Christian Bohnstedt I and Johann Carl Christian Bohnstedt II
        - The Bohnstedt Family Bible
        - William Frederick Bohnstedt
        - Georg August Heinrich Gottlieb Bohnstedt and Isaac Carl Bohnstedt
        - Wilhelm "William" Bohnstedt

3-7 / Haven Hill Cemetery

3-8 /
The Descendants of Theodore Bohnstedt in Nebraska
        - Eric Ryan Bohnstedt

3-9 /
Duane L. "Sparky" Bohnstedt
        - The Second World War and the 15th Air Force
        - Airman Turned Auto Designer
        - Corvette; America's Sports Car
        - To Packard, and Back to General Motors
        - A Busy Retirement

3-10 /
The Descendants of Johann Christian Friedrich Bohnstedt in Wyoming, Colorado and Texas
        - Wyoming: Amanda Bohnstedt and the Pioneering Bohnstedt Women
        - Colorado: William Henry Bohnstedt and the Railroads
        - Danial B. Bohnstedt and "Bohnstead Draw"
        - Texas: Descendants of Edward Daniel Bohnstedt
        - The Missing Descendants of Frederick Bohnstedt
        - The "Other" Wyoming Bohnstedt Line

3-11 / Doctor Charles Filmore Bohnstedt Jr.
        - 1965 - 1977:  Finding the Path
        - 1977 - 2002: The Research Scientist
        - 1976 - 2016: The Family Man

3-12 /
The Descendants of Johann August Heinrich Bohnstedt in Michigan and Florida
        - Johann August Heinrich Bohnstedt
        - From Indiana to Florida

3-13 / Georg August Heinrich Gottlieb "James" Bohnstedt and the Descendants of Isaac Carl Bohnstedt in Illinois

        - "I want to go to Indiana"
        - The Descendants of Isaac Carl Bohnstedt in Illinois
                - The Family of Robert Kenneth Bohnstedt
                - The Family of James Earl Bohnstedt

3-14 /
The Descendants of Albert Godlieb Bohnstedt in Indiana and Florida
        - Albert Godlieb Bohnstedt
        - George Lee Otto Bohnstedt's Family Line in Washington and California
        - The Bohnstedt Name in Space
        - The Family Line of Russell Renner Bohnstedt in Florida
        - The Family Line of Henry Elias Bohnstedt in Florida

3-15 /
The Descendants of Alfred J. Bohnstedt Indiana and the Southeast
        - The Family Line of Alfred J. Bohnstedt in Indiana
                - Descendants of James William Bohnstedt in Indiana
                        - The Family of Edward Allen Bohnstedt
                        - The Family of Albert Eldon Bohnstedt
                - Descendants of Charles Loren Bohnstedt
                        - The Family of Nolan Duane Bohnstedt
                        - The Family of Max Ray Bohnstedt
                        - The Family of Marion Devon Bohnstedt
                - Descendants of Clinton Milford Bohnstedt in Indiana
                        - The Family of Gene Allen Bohnstedt
                        - The Family of Richard Gale Bohnstedt
3-16 /
Commander Kevin D. Bohnstedt
        - Naval Aviation
        - The 1991 Persian Gulf War
        - Opportunities for Command
        - It's a Small World

3-17 / Doctor Bradley Nelson Bohnstedt

3-18 / Lewis Bohnstedt; Rebuilding a Family History
- It's not "Ludewier", it's "Ludwig"!
        - A Puzzle
        - The First-Born Son of Lewis Bohnstedt
        - The Wives and Children of Charles Bohnstedt
        - The Family of George Clinton Bohnstedt
        - The Question of Ann Clark
        - A Family Fragmented

3-19 / The Descendants of Charles Daniel Bohnstedt in Oklahoma and Iowa
        - Obaed Daniel Bohnstedt's Descendants in Nebraska
        - The Family Moves to Oklahoma
        - The Bohnstedt Families in Oklahoma
                - The Bohnstedt Families in Oklahoma / The Family of Obaed Dewayne Bohnstedt
The Bohnstedt Families in Oklahoma / The Family of Richard James "Jim" Bohnstedt
                - The Bohnstedt Families in Oklahoma / The Family of Ernest Daniel "Ernie" Bohnstedt
      - The Bohnstedt Family in Iowa
        - The Last Lap
        - Dewayne Bohnstedt's Legacy; 4th Generation Racers

3-20 / The Descendants of Charles D. Bohnstedt in Arkansas, Washington and California
     - Carl Newton Bohnstedt and Charles William Bohnstedt
        - The Bohnstead Line from Ivan August Bohnstedt
        - The Bohnstedt Line from Herbert Daniel Bohnstedt: A Military Family

3-21 / Sergeant Jeff Bohnstedt
        - The United States Marine Corps
        - The United States Army and the The Iraq Campaign

3-22 /
The Bohnstedts in Missouri: Descendants of George Clinton Bohnstedt
        - Ludwig "Lewis" Bohnstedt
        - George Clinton Bohnstedt
        - The Stillings Connection

3-23 /
The Bohnstedts in Missouri: Descendants of Guy and Vaden Bohnstedt
        - The Miners
        - A Grim History
        - Descendants of Vade and Guy Bohnstedt
        - The Stillings Connection

3-24 /
The Descendants of Verner Bohnstedt in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona
        - The Bohnstedt Family in Washington
        - The Bohnstedts Leave Washington
        - South, to Oregon
        - South, to San Francisco California
        - South, to Los Angeles California
        - Descendants of Leroy Robert "Pete" Bohnstedt

3-25 /
Doctor Marvin Allan Bohnstedt

3-26 / The Bohnstedts in Georgia
        - Lieutenant Colonel William Bohnstedt
        - It's a Small World
        - "Reverse Migration"



Part 3 Genealogy and Records:

3-27 / Genealogy 3-1: Gevensleben and Calvörde, Prussia

3-28 /
Genealogy 3-2: Descendants of Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Bohnstedt

3-29 /
Genealogy 3-3-1: America; Illinois and Nebraska

3-30 /
Genealogy 3-3-2: America; Wyoming, Colorado and Texas

3-31 /
Genealogy 3-3-3: America; Michigan and Florida

3-32 /
Genealogy 3-3-4: America; Illinois and Indiana

3-33 /
Genealogy 3-3-5: America; Indiana and Florida

3-34 /
Genealogy 3-3-6: America; Indiana and the Southeast

3-35 / Genealogy 3-3-7: America; Wilhelm Bohnstedt in Illinois

3-36 /
Genealogy 3-3-8: America; Missouri

3-37 /
Genealogy 3-3-9: America; Arkansas, California, Oklahoma and Iowa

3-38 /
Genealogy 3-3-10: America; Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Georgia

3-39 / Genealogy 3-4: America; Descendants of August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt in Ohio

3-40 / Genealogy 3-5: Descendants of Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Christian Bohnstedt in Sachsen-Anhalt