Doctor Marvin Allan Bohnstedt

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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Doctor Marvin Allan Bohnstedt


Do an Internet search for "Bohnstedt" and you will come across numerous references to Marvin Bohnstedt and occasionally "M. Bohnstedt". These references point to Doctor Marvin Bohnstedt who spent a number of years working in the fields of criminal behavior and delinquency, health and epidemiology.

Marvin Allan Bohnstedt, born in 1936 in Everett, Washington, descended from Verner Bohnstedt through Lewis Prater Bohnstedt. In 1955 Marvin married Ruby Daryl Goldsberry while he was pursuing his education. He earned his Bachelor's degree in psychology from California State University San Francisco in 1958. The next year he began his career working for the State of California Youth Authority until 1963, researching crime and youth delinquency in the hopes of predicting a persons behavioral patters upon release on parole. He continued his work in the Department of Corrections from 1963 to 1967.

1-4. Four of the many books which reference works by Dr. Marvin Bohnstedt. L-R: Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delinquency, by Richard J. Lundman, 2001, Juvenile Justice Sourcebook: Past, Present, and Future, by Albert R. Roberts, 2004, Iarc Handbooks of Cancer Prevention: Handbook 7 Breast Cancer Screening, by World Health Organization, 2002, Geriatric Neuropsychology: Assessment and Intervention, by Deborah K. Attix and Kathleen A. Welsh-Bohmer, 2005

Marvin earned his Master's degree in Psychology from California State University Sacramento in 1967, and then began working on his doctorate. In 1970 Marvin earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Nevada at Reno, and returned to the study of crime and delinquency working for the American Justice Institute for twelve more years.

In 1982 Marvin changed his career focus to health and epidemiology. In this field he has worked for the California Department of Health Services. He was also appointed to the California Medical Assistance Commission by the California State governor's office. In 1988 Marvin accepted a position with the California Department of Health Services in Sacramento until his retirement in 1998.

1. Marvin's children; Mitchel Allan Bohnstedt, Kristan Maryl (Bohnstedt) Tolman, and Gregory Daryl Bohnstedt.
2. Memorial prayer by Major Mitchel Bohnstedt in San Salvador on the occasion of the death of President Ronald Reagan, 2004

At this writing Dr. Bohnstedt and his wife, Daryl have three children; Mitchel Allan Bohnstedt (1959), Gregory Daryl Bohnstedt (1962), and Kristan Maryl Bohnstedt (1963), as well as eight grandchildren.

1. Gregory Daryl Bohnstedt.
2. Marvin's children Grave marker of Gregory D. Bohnstedt in Lehi City Cemetery, Lehi, Utah

Dr. Marvin Bohnstedt has authored several works since 1976 on the subjects of crime and delinquency, as well as health. He has also been cited in countless other works. Marvin has also done a substantial amount of genealogy research in his spare time and was a major contributor to this work.

1-3. Mitchel Bohnstedt's children, L-R; Cristi (Bohnstedt) Schank, with her husband and her daughter Abbi, Kayli "Bird" Bohnstedt, and Tyler Allan Bohnstedt

Marvin passed away in Lehi, Utah on July 28, 2019, and is buried in Lehi City Cemetery, in Lehi Utah.

1. Grave marker of Marvin Allan Bohnstedt in Lehi City Cemetery, Lehi, Utah, before Marvin's date of passing was added.
2. Grave marker of Kayli "Bird" Bohnstedt in Lehi City Cemetery, Lehi, Utah.  Kayli Passed away about two weeks after her grandfather, Marvin



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