The Descendants of Alfred J. Bohnstedt in Indiana and the Southeast

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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Alfred and Lora Frances (Shepard) Bohnstedt


The Family Line of Alfred J. Bohnstedt in Indiana

Alfred and Lora Bohnstedt had eight children in Indiana during the period 1900 - 1918. Of these eight, four were sons, one of which died of cholera in his first year. There had been some speculation as to what Alfred's middle name might have been. Nobody is certain, but the prevailing theory is that his middle name was "James".

Although this theory was never proven, we know that Alfred's father, Georg August Heinrich Gottlieb Bohnstedt went by the nickname of "James", Also, Alfred's oldest son was named James William Bohnstedt. Both of these facts fueled speculation that Alfred's middle name was James; perhaps his middle name was given for his father, and perhaps James William Bohnstedt's first name was given for Alfred's middle name.

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1. Alfred J. Bohnstedt
2. Grave of Alfred and Lora Frances (Shepard) Bohnstedt, South Whitley Cemetery, South Whitley Indiana. The year of birth for Alfred; 1867, is incorrect.  We know that Alfred's twin was Albert G. Bohnstedt.  There is ample documentation to support this, and also to support a year of birth for the twins as 1868.  Albert's grave marker also has a year of birth of 1868.

A note regarding Alfred and his twin, Albert.  Albert's grave marker in Fairview Cemetery in Servia, Wabash County, Indiana, gives 1868 as his year of birth, but Alfred's grave marker in South Whitley Cemetery, South Whitley Indiana says that Albert was born in 1867.  There is an explanation for this; Alfred's grave marker is wrong. For one thing it was very clearly established in two different census records taken ten years apart that they were twins (see images below).  So at least one of those grave markers is wrong.  But here's where it gets a little bit complicated.  Although Albert Bohnstedt’s year of birth is listed on his death certificate in 1929 as “1867”, it was a documentational error. Indeed, when Albert was buried the error was corrected on his grave marker which states his year of death as 1868. As for Alfred, the opposite problem occurred. When he died in 1934, his death certificate correctly gives his year of death as 1868, but his grave marker, amazingly, says 1867 !!  So was it 1867 or 1868?  The  1870 census says the boys were two years old (1868), rather than three (1867).  The 1880 census says that (in 1880) both boys were 12 years old (thus, born 1868), rather than 13 (1867). The 1870 and 1880 census were both taken in June. The boys were born on or about January 15.  That means that in 1870 then boys had already had their second birthday, and in 1880 had already had their twelfth birthday.  In both cases this means they were born in 1868.  Case closed.

Albert and Alfred WERE twins.  (1) 1870 census of Olney Illinois, with entries for Albert and Alfred, BOTH listed as 2 years old, and both with notations "twins".  (2) 1880 census of Madison Illinois with one single entry for both Alfred and Albert on the same line, listed as 12 years old, and with the notation "twins".  Keep in mind that these two census records were taken ten years apart by different census takers.

Although Alfred and Lora's third child (and second son) Charles Loren Bohnstedt did have numerous descendants, his family line left Indiana and spread through the United States, mainly in the Atlantic States. It was through the two other sons of Alfred and Lora Bohnstedt that the Bohnstedt name survives in Indiana; James William Bohnstedt, born 1902, and Clinton Milford "Skinny" Bohnstedt, born 1908.

Alfred and Lora also had four daughters: Elisabeth Kathryn (1900), Alfreda Josephine (1910), Etta Mae (1913), and Mary Jane (1918). There is a five-year gap between the births of Etta Mae and Mary Jane, which suggests that there may have been another child we do not know about, perhaps still-born, that appeared during that five-year gap.

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Sons of Alfred Bohnstedt, L-R; Charles Loren Bohnstedt, Kenneth Shepard (a cousin from Lora's family), Clinton Milford Bohnstedt, James William Bohnstedt

We know that Elisabeth Kathryn Bohnstedt was married in 1918 to Quincey Benjamin Osborn, and that they had two children; Robert Leland and Ruby Marceil. Allegedly, Kathryn was married two more times, presumably after Quincy died in 1936; first (according to anecdotal information) to Clarence Plattner, and then to Frank Groves. For several years I could find no documentation verify either marriage, but eventually I did find some documentation to verify Elisabeth’s marriage to Francis Otto “Frank Groves”, who died in 1973, sixteen years after Elisabeth died. The odd part is that Elisabeth is not buried under the names Plattner, or Groves (her last husband) and is not buried with either of those deceased spouses. She is buried with Quincy Osborn in South Whitley Cemetery, in Whitley County, Indiana. I haven’t had contact with any of Elisabeth’s descendants so the reasons for this burial arrangement are unclear. But we can speculate that perhaps Quincy was Elisabeth’s first and one true love, and when she died, sixteen years after Frank Groves, her children and grandchildren took the initiative and had their matriarch buried with Quincy, who would of course been their own father and grandfather.

Grave of Elisabeth Kathryn (Bohnstedt) Osborn and husband Quincy Osborn in South Whitley Cemetery, in Whitley County, Indiana

Alfreda Josephine Bohnstedt was married first to Robert Arnett in 1933, and then to Perl Bonell Stickler (according to family information). As far as anyone knows Robert and Alfreda had one child, a daughter named Patty Jane, in 1943. Alfreda passed away in 1985, eleven years before her second husband, Perl Stickler died. Like her sister Elisabeth, Alfreda is buried not with her second husband, but with her first, Robert Arnett, South Whitley Cemetery, in Whitley County, Indiana.

1-2. School pictures of Alfreda Josephine Bohnstedt

Etta Mae Bohnstedt was married twice, first to Robert Melching in 1934, and then, allegedly, to someone named Victor Weeks. So far we have no information on Victor Weeks, but we do for Robert Melching, with whom Etta Mae had at least two daughters. Current available information is that Etta Mae is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery and Mausoleum, in Lima, Ohio. To date I haven’t seen solid verification for this, but there is an entry in Findagrave.com that suggest that Etta Weeks may be buried there. The problem is that I don’t know if this is the same person as our Etta Mae (Bohnstedt) Weeks. Furthermore it seems to be an unmarked grave, so there is no marker from which to glean any extra information.

1. Grave of Alfreda Josephine (Bohnstedt) Osborn and Robert Arnett in South Whitley Cemetery, in Whitley County, Indiana
2. Grave of Mary Jane (Bohnstedt) Farris in Highland Park Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The youngest of Alfred and Lora’s daughters, Mary Jane Bohnstedt, was married twice; first to Russell Thompson in 1946, and then to Barney Farris in 1955. Mary Jane had one daughter with Russell; Karen Sue, and a son with Barney; Barney Farris II. When Mary Jane passed away she was buried, unlike her sisters, with her second husband, Barney Farris, and they are next to each other in Highland Park Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Descendants of James William Bohnstedt in Indiana


James William Bohnstedt married Mildred Marr in 1924, and together they had six children, Julia, Edward, Myrtle, Albert, Gerald, and Marlene during the period 1925 - 1936. One of the sons, Gerald, died when he was young, about four or five years old.

James and Mildred had numerous descendants through their three daughters, Julia, Myrtle and Marlene. Through her marriage to Weston Owen Watkins Julia had three children, eight grandchildren and several great grandchildren under the family names Watkins, Born, and Fugate.

Myrtle married Dester Bell and they had five children, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren under the family names Bell, Thomas, Reber, and Kaiser. Marlene and her husband, Bud Townsend, had three daughters, and, at this writing, at least one grandchild.

1. Grave of Julia (Bohnstedt) Rollins in Lakeview Cemetery, Larwill Indiana
2. Grave of Gerald Bohnstedt in Lakeview Cemetery, Larwill Indiana

James and Mildred's son, Edward Allen Bohnstedt was born in 1927 in Larwill Indiana, four years before Albert. He married Alice Bollinger in 1950, and they began their family in Columbia City Indiana. During the period 1953 - 1957 they had three daughters, Rebecca, Joyce, and Cynthia. They also had one son, James Edward Bohnstedt, born in 1964 in Columbia City Indiana. From these three daughters they have four grandchildren at this writing, under the surnames Clifford, Hiscutt, and Baker.

Marlene Janette Bohnstedt

Edward and Alice's youngest child, James Edward Bohnstedt, attended Northwestern Business College, earning his Associates degree, as well as his ASE certificate in auto mechanics. Besides his chosen career in automotive repair and technology James was a volunteer firefighter in his community. James and his wife, Amy, a schoolteacher, had two sons; Colton James Edward Bohnstedt, born in 2003 in Columbia City Indiana, and Caden Alec James Bohnstedt.  So far, Colton and Caden are the only two descendants of James William Bohnstedt who may carry the Bohnstedt name.

Albert Eldon Bohnstedt married Janis Moore in 1958, and they had four daughters together in Fort Wayne Indiana; Kristine, Kathleen, Lora and Elizabeth. Through these four daughters Albert and Janis also had five grandchildren with the family names Ashton, Ehrhardt, and Resor.


The Family of Edward Allen Bohnstedt

After serving with the U.S. Army peacekeeping force in Korea from 1946 to 1948, Edward Allen Bohnstedt returned home to Indiana. In 1950 he married Alice Joy Bollinger in Whitley County. They settled in the town of Columbia City, and Edward went to work for the Dana company and manufacturer of automotive drive-train components in nearby Fort Wayne.  Edward was very active as a treasurer and deacon in the local Grace Brethren Church, and was also a leader in the Boy Scouts.  When Edward passed away in 1993 he was buried in Eberhard Cemetery in Columbia City, Indiana.

1. Edward Allen Bohnstedt
2. Grave marker of Edward Allen Bohnstedt, Eberhard Cemetery, Columbia City, Indiana
3. Grave marker of Rebecca (Bohnstedt) Clifford and her husband, Dick Clifford, Eberhard Cemetery, Columbia City, Indiana

Edward and Alice had four children (three daughters and one son). The first, Rebecca Mae, was born in 1953 in Columbia City. She was a professional cook, and was married to Dick Leroy Clifford in 1973. Becky and Dick had one child, Kirianna ("Kari") in 1992. Dick died in 2002 at the age of 50 years. Becky passed away 18 years later. Becky and Dick are both buried in Eberhard Cemetery. Edward and Alice's second child, Joyce, was born in 1956 and married 1980 to Anthony Wayne Hiscutt. Joyce and her husband had one child in 1986; Timothy. Edward and Alice's third child, Cynthia ("Cindy"), was born in 1957, and married in 1983 to Danny Lee Baker. Cindy and Danny are both manufacturing workers. They divorced later, but only after they had two children; Alicia and Travis. From Alicia and Travis Cindy has four grandchildren; five boys and three girls.

1-4. Edward and Alice's children.  L-R: Rebecca Mae Bohnstedt, Joyce Irene Bohnstedt, Cynthia Kay Bohnstedt, James Edward Bohnstedt

The fourth and youngest child of Edward and Alice, James Edward Bohnstedt, was born in 1964 in Columbia City. James married in 2002 to Amy Gaff, but they later divorced. James attended the Northwestern Business and Auto Diesel College, and became a mechanic and auto body specialist. He was also a volunteer firefighter with the Thorncreek Township Fire Department and eventually became chief of the department. James and Amy had two sons; Colton James Edward (2003) and Caden Alec James (2008). These two boys are the only descendants of Edward Allen Bohnstedt and Alice Joy Bohnstedt to carry on the Bohnstedt name.


The Family of Albert Eldon Bohnstedt

The fourth child of James William Bohnstedt; Albert Eldon Bohnstedt, was born in 1931 in Larwill, Indiana, and married Janis Moore, a teacher, in 1958 in West Manchester Ohio at the age of 27. He attended Manchester University in North Manchester Indiana and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He also attended Ball State University. Albert built his career as an educator in elementary schools and was an elementary school principal for many years.

1. Albert Eldon Bohnstedt
2-3.  Albert and Janis' first two children; L-R: Kristine Alaine Bohnstedt, Kathleen Louraine Bohnstedt (Kristine's twin sister)

Albert and Janis had four children; Kristine Alaine Bohnstedt and Kathleen Louraine Bohnstedt, twins, were both born in 1964 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kathleen married at Fort Wayne in 1990 to Kelly Ashton, and they had two children. Kelly also brought a son from his previous relationship into the marriage. Lora Beth, Albert and Janis' third child, was born in Fort Wayne in 1966, and married in 1989 to John Ehrhardt, and they had one child, Chelsea.

1-2.  Albert and Janis' third and fourth children; L-R: Lora Beth Bohnstedt, Elizabeth Ann Bohnstedt

Albert and Janis' fourth child, Elizabeth Ann, was born in 1969 in Fort Wayne. She married in 1988 to Mark Resor. Elizabeth and Mark had one child, Nicholas. They also raised another child, Noel. I am told that Noel was in fact the biological child of Elizabeth's sister, Kristine, and was conceived by means of artificial insemination, and then carried and delivered by Elizabeth.



Descendants of Charles Loren Bohnstedt


Charles Loren Bohnstedt, the third child of Alfred and Lora (Shepard) Bohnstedt, began his working life as a farmhand, but soon found himself working for Pennsylvania Railroad after 1924, when he was twenty years old. He was later employed by the Fort Wayne Streetcar System. (Note: I’m not yet certain of the precise and proper name for the streetcar company mentioned here). Charles married Viola Catherine Young in 1930 when he was about 26 years old.

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1. Charles Loren and Viola (Young) Bohnstedt
2. Grave of Charles Loren and Viola (Young) Bohnstedt, South Whitley Cemetery, South Whitley Indiana

One notable difference between the family lines of Charles Loren Bohnstedt and his two brothers; James William Bohnstedt and Clinton Milford Bohnstedt, is that while James’s and Clinton’s descendants stayed, for the most part, in Indiana, the descendants of Charles Loren Bohnstedt seemed to migrate to several other parts of the country, including Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Virginia, and even California.

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1. Three sons of Charles and Viola Bohnstedt, circa 1940. The twins Max and Marion in the front, and Nolan standing behind them.
2. A gang of tough guys; L-R; Max, Nolan and Marion, circa 1940's.

Charles and Viola had three children that we know of. Nolan Duane was the first, born in 1933 in Huntington County, Indiana. He had three daughters and one son, and the descendants of his daughters can be found in Florida. The other two children were twins; Max Ray Bohnstedt and Marion Devon Bohnstedt, were both born on January 6, 1936, in South Whitley, Indiana. Max and his wife Carol had three children, who eventually settled down in Georgia, Virginia and California. After marrying Juanita Bechtel in South Whitley, Indiana, they moved on to Denver, Colorado after 1956. From there Marion and Juanita’s four children migrated to Lawrence Kansas, San Diego California, Chesapeake Virginia, and Port Charlotte Florida.


The Family of Nolan Duane Bohnstedt

Nolan "Lon" Bohnstedt earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and served in the Army during 1957 - 1958, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. As a pharmacist Lon held various positions, including business owner as owner of "Midlake Pharmacy" in North Webster, Indiana during 1958-1960.  From 1960-1992 Lon worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative, and in the last phase of his career he worked as a staff pharmacist in Lafayette, Indiana.  Lon passed away in 2021 at "The Villages" in Sumter County Florida.

1.  Nolan Duane Bohnstedt, probably a school picture
2.  Nolan's first child; Karen Marie Bohnstedt
3. Cara Leigh Roeck, Karen Marie's daughter.  Cara was very helpful with this family history project and provided the photo images for this particular family (from Nolan D. Bohnstedt)

During Lon’s first marriage (to Ruth Pifko) he had four children. The first, Karen Marie, was born in 1957 in Denver Colorado. After 1957 Lon moved his family to Indiana, first to Columbia City, where his second child, Casey Lynn, was born in 1959.  The family moved again to Lafayette, Indiana, a little ways to the southeast, where Lon’s third child, Kelly Louise, was born in 1963.

1. Nolan's second child, Casey Lynn Bohnstedt.  Casey tragically died in 1985 at the young age of 26
2. Kelly Louise Bohnstedt, Nolan's third child

Casey passed away in 1985 at the young age of 26 years from an eating disorder. It might be a bitter irony that Casey was a gourmet chef during her life.  According to her niece, Cara Roeck, Casey was a wonderful person and fun to be around.  Another tragedy occurred in 2013 when Casey's sister (and Cara's own mother), Karen Marie passed away in Knoxville Tennessee at the age of 57 years, still far too young to pass on.

1-2. Adolph Charles Bohnstedt, Nolan's fourth child and only son

Adolph Charles Bohnstedt, the fourth and last child of Nolan Bohnstedt, was born in 1964 in Lafayette, Indiana. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree at Florida State University, he went on to earn a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. During his career Dolph worked for the SUNY Adirondack College where he was a professor in the chemistry department. Dolph's research work is referenced in numerous books on chemistry.

1-4. Just four of the numerous books which reference Adolph Bohnstedt's work as a chemical researcher; L-R: Chemistry of Hypervalent Compounds by Kin-ya Akiba, 1998, Organotin Chemistry by Alwyn G. Davies, 2004, Environmental Radiochemical Analysis II by P. Warwick, 2003, and Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis, Volume 4, by M. Harmata, 2004


The Family of Max Ray Bohnstedt

After completing his high school education Max Ray Bohnstedt entered college education, first at Purdue University were he earned a bachelor’s education in 1959. It was during his time at Purdue that Max married Carol Ann Masak in 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio. After finishing his degree at Purdue Max entered service with the U.S. Army from 1960-1962. While in the Army Max was commissioned as a junior officer, and assigned to the Ordnance Corps where he served as a platoon leader and a supply and evacuation officer. After being discharged from the Army Max found professional employment in business management in various capacities; as a cost coordinator, production coordinator, cost administrator and cost accounting manager during the period 1962-1971. It was during that same period, after leaving the Army, that Max began work on his Master’s degree at Northwestern University, where he earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1971. After receiving his Master’s degree Max accepted a position as Associate Superintendent for Greenville County School District from 1973-1976. Max continued his career in business management in 1976 as Finance Director for Broward County. Florida, in 1983 as Finance Director for Montgomery County Maryland, and finally as Finance Director for the City of Richmond Virginia after 1991.

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1. Commander Kevin Derek Bohnstedt, U.S. Navy, May 2002
2. Kathy Diane Bohntedt
3. Graduation of Kathy Bohnstedt from George Mason University doctorate program, 2011. 
    L-R:  Max Bohnstedt, Kevin Bohnstedt (back), Kathy Bohnstedt, Karl D. Bohnstedt (back), Carol Bohnstedt.

Max and Carol had their first child, Karl Dane Bohnstedt, in 1959 at St. Joseph Missouri as Max was about to begin Army service. Their second child, Kevin Derek Bohnstedt, was born in 1961 at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Their third and last child, Kathy Diane, was born in 1963 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and mathematics from Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee in 1983 Kevin entered service with the United States Navy to fulfill the terms of his Navy scholarship. (see narrative ). His sister, Kathy, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication in 1985 from Florida State University at Tallahassee, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Educational, Instructive and Assisting Technology from George Mason University near Fairfax Virginia in 2011. She is now Dean of Learning and Technology Resources, Northern Virginia Community College, George Mason University.

1. Karl Dane Bohnstedt I, as a cadet at The Citadel military academy in Charleston, South Carolina
2. Karl with his wife, Wanda, and daughter, Margaret Ann
3. Karl's son, Karl Dane Bohnstedt II, and Whitfield Lee Bohnstedt

After graduating The Citadel Military Academy, Karl Dane Bohnstedt held the rank of Captain in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a munitions and maintenance officer.  Karl married Wanda Kaye Whitfield in 1984 at Orlando, Florida. Following his military service Karl became an accountant in Savannah, Georgia. He and his wife, Wanda, had two children in Savannah; Karl Dane Bohnstedt II (who goes by his middle name of Dane), born 1991, and Margaret Ann Bohnstedt, born 1999. Karl Dane Bohnstedt Jr., who goes by "Dane" earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Presbyterian College in 2013. He married Frances Christian Hainey in Savannah, Georgia, and they had their first child, Whitfield Lee Bohnstedt in 2021.


The Family of Marion Devon Bohnstedt

Marion Bohnstedt graduated from Michigan State University in 1958 with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. After graduating he pursued a career as a business manager.  In 1956, when Marion was studying at college, he married Juanita May Bechtel, a nurse. Marion and Juanita had their first child that same year in Columbia City; Charles Wayne Bohnstedt. Marion and his small family then moved on to Denver Colorado and resettled there. Their next child, Anne Louise, was born in Denver in 1958. As with Anne Louise, the next two children Samuel Craig and Thomas Andrew were also born in Denver; Samuel in 1964 and Thomas in 1966. Marion passed away in 2014 in Aurora, Colorado. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered.

1. Marion Devon Bohnstedt
2. Charles Wayne Bohnstedt (school picture)    
3. Elizabeth Louise Weekly

4. Joshua Robert Bohnstedt, Charles Wayne Bohnstedt's son

Marion and Juanita’s oldest child, Charles, studied accounting and business for a time at East Kentucky University, and eventually found himself in the trucking business. He married in 1988 to Anne Heacock-Weekly, who brought her daughter, Elizabeth into the family (Elizabeth was from a previous relationship). Charles and Anne had one child together, Joshua Robert Bohnstedt, born in 1985 in Lawrence, Kansas. Anne Louise and her husband, Michael Stephenson had two children in California; Wesley and Matthew.

1. Anne Louise Stephenson, Marion and Juanita's daughter
2. Samuel Craig Bohnstedt, (school picture)
3. While in the Navy Samuel Bohnstedt served as an aircraft armorer aboard the U.S.S. Nimitz, 1982-1986

Samuel Craig, Marion and Juanita’s third child, joined the U.S. Navy as soon as he finished High School, in 1982, and served as an aircraft armorer aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. After leaving the Navy Samuel became a liquor, wine and beer distributor in Virginia. He married Theresa Lynn Bray in 1988, and they had two daughters, Rachel Marie (1990) and Claire Elizabeth (1995), both born in Chesapeake, Virginia. Marion and Juanita’s fourth child, Thomas Andrew, built a career in construction supply in Port Charlotte Florida. He married Barbara English in 1989 and they had two children; Chelsea Elizabeth (1992) and Kyle Franklin (1994), both born in Port Charlotte, Florida.

1. Samuel Bohnstedt's daughter, Rachel Marie
2. Thomas Andrew Bohnstedt
3. Thomas's daughter, Chelsea Elisabeth
4. Kyle Franklin Bohnstedt (Thomas's son) and his fiance'

Although Joshua could still marry and have children one day, he is, so far a confirmed bachelor. If that remains the same it falls to Thomas Andrew Bohnstedt’s son, Kyle, to carry on the Bohnstedt family name through his own children.



Descendants of Clinton Milford Bohnstedt in Indiana


Clinton Milford "Skinny" Bohnstedt married Lucile Elevia Brown in 1928 in South Whitley Indiana. Like his older brother, James, Clinton had six children, all born in Whitley County, Indiana. Four of these were daughters; Betty Lou (1931), Bonnie Jo (1933), Janice Colleen (1934), and Carol Ann (1941). Their two sons were Gene Allen Bohnstedt, born in 1930, and Richard Gale Bohnstedt, born in 1935.

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1. Clinton Milford Bohnstedt and Lucile Elevia (Brown) Bohnstedt
2. Clinton and Lucile Bohnstedt with their first child; Gene Allen Bohnstedt

3. Gene Allen Bohnstedt and sister Betty Lou
4. Betty Lou, Janice Colleen (baby), Gene and Bonnie Jo Bohnstedt., circa 1935-36

Clinton and Lucile had a great many descendants from their four daughters; from Betty Lou and her husband Phillip Goodrich, three children and at least two grandchildren; from Bonnie Jo and her husband Tom Michael, three children and at least three grandchildren; from Janice Colleen and her husband Rex Ward, four children, and ten grandchildren. Carol Ann was married twice; the first time to Lowell Bennett in 1961, and the second time to William Dale Thomas in 1964. Two children and at least four grandchildren descended from Carol and Lowell, while another two children, and at least seven grandchildren descended from Carol and William Thomas.

1. Family of Clinton Milford Bohnstedt and Lucile Elevia (Brown) Bohnstedt. Back Row; Betty Lou, Gene, Bonnie Jo. Front; Janice Colleen, Carol Ann, Richard.
2-3: Clinton and Lucile's first two daughters; L-R: Betty Lou Bohnstedt, Bonnie Jo Bohnstedt

The Bohnstedt family name is continued through Clinton’s and Lucile’s five grandsons; three from Gene Allen Bohnstedt (Steven Brent Bohnstedt, Kenneth Merle Bohnstedt and Brian Keith Bohnstedt), and Richard Gale Bohnstedt (Jeffrey Lynn Bohnstedt and Daniel Lloyd Bohnstedt).  It is also carried in through Lynette Jean Bohnstedt's son, Corey Bohnstedt, and Corey's son, Brennan Isaiah Gene Bohnstedt

1-2: Clinton and Lucile's daughters; L-R: Janice Colleen Bohnstedt, Carol Ann Bohnstedt
3. Grave of Clinton Milford Bohnstedt and Lucile Elevia (Brown) Bohnstedt

Clinton, who went by the nickname “Skinny” passed away in 1994 in Whitley County, Indiana. His wife, Lucile (Brown) Bohnstedt followed seven years later in 2001. They are both buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Larwill Indiana.


The Family of Gene Allen Bohnstedt

Gene Allen Bohnstedt entered military service in 1951 at the age of 21 years, and served in the U.S. Army as a military policeman at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Fort Stewart, Georgia. While he was in the Army he married his sweetheart, Martha Myers, a nurses aide, at U.S. Army Camp Stewart in 1952. After he finished his army service Gene went to work for “County Line”, a cheese producer, for 12 years.

1-2. Gene Allen Bohnstedt

In 1971 he went into business for himself, starting and managing “Triple B Sales”, a business concerned with the sale and repair of lawnmowers, chain saws and landscaping tools in Churubusco Indiana. He later went to work for another company, using his knowledge of landscaping power tools to land a job with Lee’s Outdoor Power Equipment in New Haven, Indiana. When Gene passed away in 2018 he was survived by 20 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren!

1. Grave of Gene and Martha's third child, Gloria Mae, in Christian Chapel Cemetery, Merriam, Indiana.  Gloria died when she was slightly over three months old.
2-3. Gene Bohnstedt's grave in Christian Chapel Cemetery, Merriam, Indiana

Gene and Martha had six children. The first two children, Steven Brent and Kenneth Merle, were born in Garrett Indiana in 1953 and 1955. After Kenneth’s birth Gene and Martha moved their family to Columbia City where two more children were born; Gloria Mae (1956) and Brian Keith (1957). Gloria lived for only 3 months and is buried in Christian Chapel Cemetery in Merriam, Indiana. Gene, Martha and the children moved again, to Ft. Wayne Indiana.  Gene and Martha’s las two children; LeaAndrea and Lynette Jean were born in Ft. Wayne in 1959 and 1962.

1. LeaAndrea Bohnstedt, high school picture
2. LeaAndrea's children; Brandon and Kersten, and grandchild, Giovanni

At this writing LeaAndrea has two children; Brandon Eric McConnell and Kersten Erica McConnell, and one grandchild (from Kersten); Giovanni Eric. LeaAndrea’s children and grandchildren appear to have been given their middle name of Eric/Erica in honor of Brandon and Kersten’s father, Andre Eric McConnell.

1-3. Lynette Bohnstedt's three children;  Chrystal Ann Renee Bohnstedt, Corey David Allen Bohnstedt, and Caleb Patrick Eugene Derrow

Lynette Jean has three children; Chrystal Ann Renee Bohnstedt, Corey David Allen Bohnstedt, and Caleb Patrick Eugene Derrow. Chrystal and Caleb are both children of Lynette’s husband, David Derrow. Lynette also has two grandchildren; Tysen Eugene Derrow (from Caleb), and Brennan Isaiah Gene Bohnstedt, from Corey Bohnstedt. Brennan’s second middle name, “Gene” was named for Corey’s grandfather, Gene Allen Bohnstedt.


The Family of Gene's Son; Steven Brent Bohnstedt

Steven earned a Masters degree and was a Department Manager for the marketing division of the “Super-Valu” food distribution company. Steven was married twice, first to Janet Coffee in 1974, and then to Tina Pond in 1983.  From his first marriage Steven had three children; Stephanie Michelle in 1975, Jeremiah Paul in 1976 and Nicholas Steven in 1978, all born in Fort Wayne. With his second wife, Tina, Steven had two more children; Jacob Michael in 1987, and Brooke Elizabeth in 1989, again, both born in Fort Wayne.

1. Steven Brent Bohnstedt, school picture
2. Stephanie Michelle Bohnstedt, Steven's first child
3. Stephanie Michelle's daughter, Summer Lee Nicole, with her uncle Jeremiah Paul "Jer" Bohnstedt (Steven's second child). Unfortunately Summer and her younger brother Kevin were lost in a vehicle accident in February 2019)

From her marriage to Jason Barton in 1993 Stephanie had one child; Summer Lee Nichole, born in 1995. From her marriage to Dennis Wiesehan in 2000 she had two more children; Alyson Marie, born in 2002, and Kevin Leroy, born in 2005. Both Summer Lee and Kevin were tragically lost in a car crash in February 2019.  Stephanie’s brother Jeremiah Paul “Jer” Bohnstedt studied automotive technology at ITT Technical Institute, and built a career as owner-manager of "KaotikKustomz" in Syracuse, Indiana, concerned with custom window tinting, audio and electronic systems for both automotive and marine applications.

1. Nicholas Steven "Nick" Bohnstedt, Steven's third child
2. Jacob Michael "Jake" Bohnstedt and his wife, Brittany
3. Steven's youngest child, Brooke Elizabeth Bohnstedt

Nicholas Steven “Nick” Bohnstedt, a welder-fabricator, had two daughters; Aria Marie, born in 2014, and Nora Jane, born in 2017. Both were children from his relationship with Eldina "Dina" Zahirovic. The two of them also cared for Jasmina (born 1996), a daughter from Dina’s previous relationship.  Jacob Michael “Jake” Bohnstedt earned his Masters degree from Ball State University Indiana and made his career in business management. He married in 2015 in Fort Wayne to Brittany Brianna Holt, a nurse. At the time of this writing Jake and Brittany have one child; Haisley Clare Bohnstedt, born in in 2020 in Jackson Michigan.  The youngest of Steven’s five children; Brooke Elizabeth, earned a master’s degree in medicine and pursued a career as a nurse practitioner.


The Family of Gene's Son; Kenneth Merle Bohnstedt

Kenneth Merle Bohnstedt attended Lincoln Technical School and studied diesel mechanics. He built a professional career as a mechanic, and then an automotive service manager. He was also a volunteer firefighter. Kenneth married in 1977 in Whitley County, Indiana to Karen Sue Nelson.  Kenneth and Karen had three children; Bradley Nelson, born in 1982, Amy Nichole in 1983, and Nolan Michael in 1992. Bradley and Nichole were both born in Columbia City, but Nolan was born in Fort Wayne..

1-2. Kenneth Merle Bohnstedt and Karen Sue Nelson (school picture), Kenneth's wife
3. Grave of Kenneth Bohnstedt. Kenneth passed away in 2015

Kenneth and Karen had three children; Bradley Nelson, born in 1982, Amy Nichole in 1983, and Nolan Michael in 1992. Bradley and Nichole were both born in Columbia City, but Nolan was born in Fort Wayne.

1. Doctor Bradley Nelson Bohnstedt, Kenneth and Karen's first child
2. Amy Nicole (Bohnstedt) Wentworth, Kenneth and Karen's second
3. Nolan Michael Bohnstedt

Amy was married twice, first to Timothy Albert in 2006, and then to Joseph Wentworth in 2013. Amy and Joseph have one child at this writing; Micah, born in 2019. Nolan studied automotive technology at Ivy Tech Community College, and is a truck and automotive mechanic. So far Nolan seems to be dedicated to bachelorhood. Bradley chose to pursue a career in medicine. His story is told in “Doctor Bradley Nelson Bohnstedt (see narrative)

Kenneth passed away at the premature age of 60 years in 2015 and is buried in Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


The Family of Gene's Son; Brian Keith Bohnstedt

Brian Keith Bohnstedt, a fast food manager, was married twice; in 1976 in Columbia City, Indiana to Ida Lorean Addis, and in 1983 in Churubusco Indiana, to Julie Ann Rosenberry. Brian and Ida had two children; David Michael Bohnstedt, born in 1976, and Dannette Michelle, born in 1981, both born in Columbia City, Indiana.

When Brian and Julie married she brought two daughters from a previous relationship into the marriage; Alexis Nicole (born 1981) and Amber Louise (born 1982). Alexis was born in San Francisco, and but Amber was born in Columbia City, Indiana.  Brian and Julie had two children together; Brianne Kay, born 1985 in Fort Wayne, and Zachary Keith, born 1987 in Columbia City, Indiana..

1. Brian Keith Bohnstedt, school picture
2. Brian's first child; David Michael Bohnstedt Sr and wife, Tabitha
3. Brian's second; Dannette Michelle Bohnstedt

Brian’s oldest, David Michael Bohnstedt, married Tabitha Henley in 1993 in Ft. Wayne. They had three children; Brittany Nicole, born 1995 in Fort Wayne, Jasmine Justene, born 1996 in Connersville, Indiana, and David Michael Bohnstedt Jr., born in 1998, also in Connersville. David Sr. and Tabitha later adopted Mathias James Hernandez (Tabitha’s young nephew) into their family.

David and Tabitha are now grandparents through all three of their children. Brittany Nicole and her second husband, Billy Jack Bisel, have three children at this writing; Burley Roy, Kolten Jeremiah and Charlotte Ann Marie. Jasmine’s husband Tyler Lee Raber-Solis, brought a son, Jasper, into the relationship, and Jasmine informally adopted him as her son. David Michael Bohnstedt Jr. and his wife, Lacey Jane Yates had a daughter, Lillianna Aileen Jane Bohnstedt.

1. Brian's step-daughter, Amber Kennerk
2. Brianne Kay Bohnstedt
3. Zachary Keith Bohnstedt and his wife, Lauren (Myahla) Bohnstedt

Dannette had four children, two boys and two girls; Terry Lee Minier, Autumn Jade Minier, Kne’ Ayeonda Monae’, and Elijah J’Mareon Scott. From Alexis’ first marriage (to Timothy Coe), one son; Chase Timothy. As for Amber she and her husband Jason P. Kennerk had three sons; Callen Gene, Cooper Douglas and Gideon Jay. Brianne had two daughters from her relationship with Jonathan Thomas; Ashlyn Jolee and Alaina Louise.

So far the only branch of Brian Keith Bohnstedt’s family carrying the Bohnstedt name forward is through Brian’s youngest son, Zachary Keith Bohnstedt. Zachary married in 2014 to Lauren Myahla. At this time they have one son, Noah Myahla Bohnstedt, born in 2018.


The Family of Richard Gale Bohnstedt

Richard Gale Bohnstedt, Clinton Milford Bohnstedt’s fifth child and youngest son, was born in 1935 in Whitley County, Indiana. He was the owner and manager of "Precision Benders", a business concerned with supplying customized industrial tubing. He married in 1954 to Carolyn Eleanor Barnhart, a cake decorator and restaurant cook. Carolyn passed away in 2016 in Milford, Indiana and is buried in Milford Cemetery.

Richard and Carolyn had four children. The first two, Jeffrey Lynn (1956) and Debra Sue (1957) were both born in Warsaw, Indiana. The last two, Daniel Lloyd (1959) and Sharon Kay (1965), both born in Columbia City, Indiana.

1. Richard Gale Bohnstedt (school picture)
2. Carolyn Eleanore (Barnhart) Bohnstedt (school picture)
3. Grave of Carolyn (Barnhart) Bohnstedt, in Milford Cemetery, Milford Indiana

Jeffrey was a machinist and technician working in the “Precision Benders” family business. He married Rebecca Lynne "Becky" Smith in 1979 in Columbia City, and they had two daughters; Tiffany Lynne, born 1980 and Kimberly Anne born 1983. Both were born in Goshen Indiana. Jeffrey passed away from cancer at the young age of 50 years, and is buried in Syracuse Cemetery in Syracuse Indiana.

1. Jeffrey Lynn Bohnstedt
2. Grave of Jeffrey Bohnstedt, in Syracuse Cemetery in Syracuse Indiana

Richard and Carolyn were grandparents through their two daughters; Debra Sue and Sharon Kay. Debra had one child, Kathy from her first marriage, and Sharon Kay had three children; Russell Robert, born 1992, Kelly Nicole, born 1994 and Tanner, born 1996. All three were born in Kokomo, Indiana.

1. Daniel Lloyd and Shawn (Lowrey) Bohnstedt
2. Joshua Bohnstedt and his wife, Megan (Buchan) Bohnstedt
3. Samantha (Bohnstedt) Glover with husband Marc
4. Joseph Daniel Bohnstedt

The Bohnstedt family name is now carried forward through Richard and Carolyn’s son Daniel Lloyd Bohnstedt, and his children. Daniel married Shawn Aletta Lowery in 1987 in Syracuse, Indiana and had three children in Goshen, Indiana; Joshua Abraham (1988), Samantha Aletta (1989) and Joseph Daniel (1994). Samantha and her husband Marc Glover have one child, Xander.  Joshua married in 2020 to Megan Buchan, and so far they have one child; Micah Alexander Bohnstedt, born in March 2021.  Likewise, Joseph and his wife Emma also had their foirst child, Abel Joseph, in March 2021.



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