Arrangement of Material

I have arranged this book in four main parts. With the exception of Part IV, Each Part discusses a main branch of the Bohnstedt family. Within each Part are several narrative chapters and genealogical sections. Each genealogical section is arranged, more or less, around a Bohnstedt family branch in a specific geographic region, country or state. The family tables in each genealogical section have a number to correspond with the appropriate Part and Section. For example, a genealogical family table with the following number; 1-4-6000, is located in Part 1, and then section 4 of the genealogical Family Tables, and the final four or five digit number is assigned specifically to the father or mother of that one family which appears in the table.

Part 1; Langeln and Europe discusses a single Bohnstedt family which originated in Germany in the early 1500s and extended into Pomerania, Sweden, Russia, East Prussia, Norway and Australia. The Family Tables in Part 1 are arranged into thirteen genealogical sections as follows: eight sections pertaining to eight geographic areas; (1) The Sachsen-Anhalt region of Germany where the Bohnstedt family originated, (2) Swedish Pomerania, (3) Sweden, (4) Russia, (5) Essen and Western Germany, and (6) East Prussia.

The 6th area is further broken down into six sections along family lines as laid out in the Mitglieder de Bohnstedt'schen Familien-Verbandes März 1938 (Appendix G) and the 1923 Stammbaum der Familie Bohnstedt (Appendix I).

Finally there are also two sections for the smaller family groups in Norway and Australia which descend from the large Prussian group. The families and individuals listed in Part 1 all have verifiable relationships to each other.

Part 2; Bernburg and Denmark discusses three Bohnstedt families which originated in Bernburg, in the Sachsen-Anhalt region of Germany. One of these extended into Denmark. The genealogical family tables in Part 2 are subdivided into eight Sections. The first two sections, and the last section, all deal with family lines in Germany which originated in Bernburg, Germany. The families and individuals listed in the last section do not have, for the most part, verifiable relationships to each other. But they did live or originate in Bernburg, and would probably be proven to be related to the rest of this Bernburg family group if the evidence could be found. Therefore they are listed in this section.

Besides the three sections relating to German branches of Bohnstedts, there are five more detailing the Bohnstedt family in Denmark, which also originated in Bernburg. The Bohnstedts described in these five sections for Denmark do have verifiable relationships to each other and did descend from one common source.

Part 3; Gevensleben and America discusses a single Bohnstedt family which originated in Gevensleben in the Sachsen-Anhalt region of Germany, in the early 1700s and extended into Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. The genealogical family tables in Part 3 are subdivided into twelve sections, each concerned with one of the Bohnstedt family branches in America. One of these sections deals with the German ancestors of the American Bohnstedt family. The next section deals with a significant Bohnstedt family line in Ohio.

The remaining ten sections are arranged along family lines descending from six sons of Johann Carl Christian Bohnstedt (one of his seven sons died in the American Civil War before he could father children). Two of these sons had so many descendants carrying the Bohnstedt family name that they are actually arranged into three sections each, thus four sections detailing four lines from four sons, and six more sections detailing six more lines from two more sons.

The families and individuals listed in Part 3 all have verifiable relationships to each other.

Part 4; Unsolved Histories discusses various families and individuals in Germany, America and other parts of the world under the name spelling Bohnstedt, and other spelling variations. Some of the family groups and individuals in Part 4 have verifiable relationships to each other, some do not. They are placed in Part 4 per the wishes of Wolfgang Bohnstedt who felt reasonably confident that most or all of the Bohnstedts in the world, including those with name spelling variations, and especially those originating in Germany, are probably all related.

Appendices contain useful information for readers or future researchers. Some of this information is helpful background information such as Appendix B: The Origins of Surnames, while some of it pertains directly to material in this work such as Appendix C: Heraldry and the Bohnstedt Coats-Of-Arms; German Westfalen Bohnstedt Arms, and in some cases reproduces other entire works, such as Appendix I: The 1923 Stammbaum, which were used as source material for this CD history.

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