Part 2
The Bernburg Bohnstedt Line (Group 2)
in Germany and Denmark

The Bohnstedt Family Originating in Bernburg, Prussia, and descending into other areas of Germany and Denmark

"Part 2; The Bernburg Bohnstedt Line in Germany and Denmark" discusses several Bohnstedt families which originated in Bernburg, Germany, one of which extended into Denmark.

The genealogical Family Tables in Part 2 are subdivided into eight Sections. The first two sections detail major Bohnstedt lines in Bernburg Germany, and the last genealogical section lists a few more Bohnstedt families and family groups in Bernburg.

The Danish genealogical sections detail the Bohnstedt family lines in Denmark. The family groups and family lines in the Danish genealogical sections 1 through 4 all have verifiable relationships to each other and all descended from one man; Johann Friedrich Bohnstedt, and his son, Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, who migrated from Germany to Denmark with his wife and first-born child.

The last set of Danish Bohnstedt genealogical Family Tables details the small family of Lisbeth Bohnstedt. According to descendants of Lisbeth Bohnstedt, she acquired the Bohnstedt name as a result of being adopted by a Bohnstedt family in Denmark. Unfortunately none of her descendants is now certain as to who adopted Lisbeth. It is assumed that there is a relationship between Lisbeth Bohnstedt and the rest of the Bohnstedt family in Denmark.

It is also assumed that this Danish Bohnstedt line and the other Bohnstedt lines in this section are related to each other because of their common place of origin; Bernburg, Germany.

here, or on the image above for a detailed genealogical chart showing the various Bohnstedt Family Lines of this group

In Part 2:

Part 2 Narrative:

2-1 / Researching the Bohnstedt Families in Bernburg and Denmark
        - Researching Bohnstedts in Bernburg, Germany
        - The Bohnstedt Tailors in Bernburg
        - Researching Bohnstedts in Denmark
        - Visit to Denmark
        - Finding the rest of the Danish Bohnstedts

2-2 /
From Bernburg to Berlin and Dresden
        - Johann Friedrich Bohnstedt I, II & III
        - Berlin
        - Dresden

2-3 /
The First Danish Bohnstedt Family
        - From Bernburg to Denmark: Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt
        - The Patriarch Heinrich Bohnstedt
        - Ernst Frederik Carl Bohnstedt
        - Sophie Frederikke Detleffine Bohnstedt
        - Louise Henriette Bohnstedt
        - Johan Gotfred Carl Bohnstedt
        - Otto Nikolaj Bohnstedt
        - Heinrich and Charlotte Bohnstedt

2-4 / The Family of Johanne Augusta Bohnstedt
                (The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 1)

2-5 / The Family of Henrik Vilhelm Ludvig Bohnstedt
                (The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 2)

        - Henrik Vilhelm Ludvig Bohnstedt
        - Helene Katja Bohnstedt / Amrita Sagar Constantin
        - A Family Mystery
        - Letters From America

2-6 / The Family of Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt
                 (The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 3)

2-7 /
The Family of Edith Christense Bohnstedt and the Bohnstedt Hansen Family
                 (The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 4)

        - Edith Christense Bohnstedt
        - Kristian Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Grethe Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Helmer Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Kaj Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Aage Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Edith Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Molly Bohnstedt Hansen
        - Ketty Bohnstedt Hansen
2-8 /
The Bohnstedt-Petersen Family and the Bohnstedt-Petersen A/S Firm
        - Charlotte Amalie Bohnstedt and Christian Bohnstedt-Petersen
        - Beginning with Bicycles
        - From Bicycles to Motorcycles
        - Expanding into Automobiles
        - The Air Age
        - The Second World War
        - The Company Changes Hands

2-9 /
One Remaining Mystery
        - The Never-Ending Quest for the Perfect Surname
        - The Third Family Mystery in Denmark



Part 2 Genealogy and Records:

2-10 / Genealogy 2-1: Bernburg, Germany 1

2-11 /
Genealogy 2-2: Bernburg, Germany 2

2-12 / Genealogy 2-3-1: Denmark 1; The Descendants of Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt

2-13 / Genealogy 2-3-2: Denmark 2; The Family Line of Henrik Vilhelm Ludvig Bohnstedt

2-14 / Genealogy 2-3-3: Denmark 3; The Descendants of Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt

2-15 / Genealogy 2-3-4: Denmark 4; The Descendants of Edith Christense Bohnstedt

2-16 / Genealogy 2-3-5: Denmark 5; The Family of Ernst Frederik Carl Bohnstedt

2-17 / Genealogy 2-3-6: Denmark 6; The Line of Sophie Frederikke Detleffine Bohnstedt

2-18 / Genealogy 2-3-7: Denmark 7; The Line of Johan Gotfred Carl Bohnstedt

2-19 / Genealogy 2-3-8: Denmark 8; The Bohnstedt-Petersen Line from Charlotte A. Bohnstedt

2-20 / Genealogy 2-3-9: Denmark 9; The Family of Emma Elise Bohnstedt

2-21 / Genealogy 2-3-10: Denmark 10; The Family of Lisbeth Bohnstedt

2-22 /
Genealogy 2-4: Bernburg, Germany 3