The Family of Johanne Augusta Bohnstedt

The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 1

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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Heinrich and Marie's oldest child, Johanne Augusta gave birth to a son in 1911 in København named Tage Villy Bohnstedt. We do not know for sure who the father was, but we do know that Johanne later married Lars Christian Jensen in 1924.

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1. Some of the main areas where different branches of the Danish Bohnstedt family migrated to from Hjørring as the family expanded. Tage Villy Bohnstedt was born in København. He later moved to Ålborg where he started a small Bohnstedt family line.

After serving in the Danish Navy Tage Villy pursued a career as an electrical engineer.  He married in 1943 at the age of 32 years in Aalborg, Denmark to Dagmar Mikkelsen.   Tage and Dagmar had three children, all sons; Jesper Leo (1944), Steffen Willy (1948), and Michael Anker (1957).  ALl were born in Aalborg.  Tage died in 1959 at the young age of 48 years, when his youngest child, Michael, was only two years old.

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2. Tage Villy Bohnstedt in the Royal Danish Navy
3. Tage Villy Bohnstedt
4. Tage Villy Bohnstedt and wife Dagmar (Mikkelsen) Bohnstedt

Jesper, a medical doctor (and Tage Villy's oldest son) married Myrna Christensen, and they had one child; Bettina, born in Aalborg. Bettina, a murse, had four children - three sons and one daughter; Rune (1988), Rasmus (1992), Christina (1993) and Christian (1999).

Bettina's oldest child, Rune is a muscian, a guitarist in the metal rock band "Wolves Among Us".   The five-member group released their debut album "Collapse" in 2018.

5. Rune Bohnstedt in the Royal Danish Navy
6. "Wolves Among Us", the metal band that Rune plays guitar for
7. "Collapse", the first album by WAU was released in 2018

Sometime between 1988 (when Rune was born), and 1992 Bettina must have relocated from Aalborg to Logstor about 29 miles / 46.6 kilometers to the west.  Her second child, Rasmus, was born their in 1992, and now makes a living as an automotive technician.  Bettina's daughter, Christina, was born in 1993, also in Logstor.  The family returned to Aalborn before 1999, and Bettina's youngest, Christian, was born there that year.

8. Bettina Bohnstedt with her youngest, Christian
9. Rasmus Bohnsedt
10. Bettina's daughter, Christina

 In 1968, Tage Villy Bohnstedt's second child, Steffen Willy Bohnstedt, married Else Grøndahl Thorsen, who was born in 1949 in Aalborg.  After serving in the Danish Army during 1970-1971 Steffen Bohnstedt entered technical school and an apprenticeship for mechanical engineering.  He became manufacturing maintenance engineer, and he also started his "Bometek", a small business which manufactured housings for electrical devices.  Else herself started her own business called "Skiltestuen" in Nørresundby.  Skiltestuen was concerned with designing window displays and literature for businesses.

Steffen and Else began their own family in 1971 in Aalborg with the birth of their first child, a daughter named Mette.  Mette's sister, Ina was born almost five years later.

11. Else Bohnstedt with her first child, Mette.  This was in 1971, and Steffen, Else and Mette were living on the top floor of the building in the background, which had a fire.  According to Else, the building belonged to Steffen's mother
12. Steffen and Else Bohnstedt

After graduating college at IBA Kolding University with a degree in Communication Design, she accepted a position in 2013 as Marketing Manager at DermaPharm A/S.

Ina Bohnstedt has a wonderful singing voice. At one time she had considered being an opera singer and studied at Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium.  In August 2007 Ina was married in Aalborg to Peder Toftelund Dalager, a Commercial structure painter.  In classic Danish fashion Ina added "Dalager" to her last name, and Peter added "Bohnstedt" to his. Ina and Peter have two children; a daughter named Liva Malu, born in 2008, and a son named Julian Pilu, born in 2012.

13. Mette Bohnstedt with her youngest, Christian
14. Ina Bohnsedt with her husband Peter Peder Toftelund Dalager; Ina Dalager Bohnstedt and Peter Toftelund Dalager Bohnstedt

 After studying at Aalborg Universitet and earning his Master's degree in Electronic Engineering Tage Villy's third son, Michael Anker Bohnstedt, became an electrical engineer, and eventually moved in management positions.

 In 1994 my wife and I visited Denmark, Germany and Sweden and had the opportunity to visit with several Bohnstedt families.  One of the families we stayed with was Steffen and Else's family, where we also got to meet Steffen's brother, Michael, and their daughter, Ina.

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15. MIchael Anker Bohnstedt
16. This picture was taken in 1994 when my wife and I visited Steffen and his family.  Back L-R: Steffen Willy Bohnstedt, Michael Anker Bohnstedt.  Front L-R: Steffen's wife, Else, thier daughter, Ina


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