The Family of Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt

The Descendants of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, part 3

by Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, California USA
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When I had first undertaken research on the Bohnstedt Family history in Denmark many years ago I had acquired no information on the descendants of Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt, Heinrich and Marie's daughter. Magda Lovisa's name appears on the chart created by Poul Johannes Bohnstedt (she was Henrik Vilhelm Ludvig Bohnstedt's younger sister), and under the address for her was a notation that read:

7 Børn i 2 Ægteskaber [7 children from 2 marriages]

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1. Portion of the
Arveerklæring (statement of heritage) put together by Poul Johannes Bohnstedt, showing notations for Edith and Magda Bohnstedt

Thus all that we previously knew of Magda Lovisa was that she had a total of seven children. This was confirmed by Jan Bohnstedt Dyring who sent to me a list of Magda Lovisa's children. From her first marriage to Jørgen Dyring in 1916 she had five children, three boys and two girls: Kaj Børge Dyring (1916), Ellen Rigmor Dyring (1918), Gerda Ruth Dyring (1920), Svend Aage Dyring (1922), and Aase Bohnstedt Dyring (1924).

Then from her second marriage to Aage Secher Marcussen in 1935 she had two more children, both girls; Kis and Ilse Diddi.

During his research Frank Bohnstedt-Petersen made contact with Kis Bohnstedt-Pedersen (not to be confused with Bohnstedt-Petersen). Kis confirmed that her mother was Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt, and that Magda had two daughters from her second marriage; herself, Kis, born in 1935, and her younger sister Diddi, born in 1936. We felt confident that we had now identified Magda Lovisa's seven children as they had been mentioned on Poul's chart.

But then one day Frank made contact with Gurli Lillian Stengaard Bohnstedt. According to Gurli her mother was Inga Lillian Bohnstedt, born in 1928, and her grandmother was Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt. This was completely unexpected to us. In fact, there were those who doubted this new information. But this was verified by a birth certificate which clearly showed Inga Lillian Bohnstedt being born on 21 September 1928 at Rigshospitalet in København to Magda Lovisa (Louise) Dyring Bohnstedt

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2. Dåbsattest (birth certificate) of Inga Lillian Bohnstedt, daughter of Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt

According to Inga's daughter, Gurli, Inga was put into a foster care home with a family named Rasmussen. Gurli also believes that her mother, Inga, had another brother. However, if this brother was one of Magda Lovisa's children we have been unable to verify it or establish his identity. But now we know that Magda Lovisa Bohnstedt did not have seven children, but at least eight.


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