Genealogy 2-4:
Bernburg, Germany 3

The Family of Johann Gottfried Bohnstedt and More Bohnstedts in Bernburg.

The Bohnstedt families and individuals in Bernburg listed in this section were probably related to the other Bohnstedt families from Bernburg listed in Genealogy Sections 2-1 and 2-2.

Several of the males listed in these tables all had the occupation or profession of tailor or master tailor. We find individuals in Genealogy Sections 2-1 and 2-2 also listed with the same profession, adding even more weight to the idea that all or most of these Bohnstedts in Bernburg were probably related to each in some way.

here, or on the image above for a detailed genealogical chart showing the various Bohnstedt Family Lines of this group

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Johann Gottfried Bohnstedt

M, bn: 1710, Bernburg, Germany / s: Soldier, Life's Guards [der fürstl. Leibgarde in Bernburg, Germany]

1. Maria Elisabeth Henriette (Bohnstedt) / F, bn: 1739, Bernburg, Germany
2. Johann Christian (Bohnstedt) / M, bn: 1740, Bernburg, Germany
3. Johann Andreas (Bohnstedt) / M, ch: 1742, Bernburg, Germany
4. Marie Sophie (Bohnstedt) / F, bn: 1747, Bernburg, Germany
5. Johanne Christiane Dorothea (Bohnstedt) / F, bn: 1749, Bernburg, Germany
6. Johanne Sophie (Bohnstedt) / F, bn: 1751, Bernburg, Germany
7. Johanna Dorothea Ernessa (Bohnstedt) / F, bn: 1753, Bernburg, Germany

sr: B



Gottfried Bohnstedt

M, bn: c.1775 / p: Master tailor in Bernburg, Germany

1. Johann August Friedrich (Bohnstedt) / M, bn: 1804, Bernburg, Germany / p: Master tailor in Bernburg, Germany / d: 1839, Bernburg, Germany

sr: B



Johann Christian Friedrich Bonstädt

M, bn: c.1720 / p: Master tailor in Bernburg, Germany // m: 1767 in Bernburg, Germany, name of wife unknown.

sr: B



Christoph Bohnstedt

M, bn: c.1750 / d: c.1802 / bd: c.1802, Bernburg, Germany.

sr: B



Friedrich Albrecht Bohnstedt

M, bn: [?], Bernburg, Germany / p: Master tailor // m: Wife died in Bernburg, Germany, name unknown.

Originally I had listed this individuals death as 1777, and his death as 1858.  I also listed his occupation as "Master Tailor".  I later noticed that this man's date of birth and death matched those of Johann Friedrich Bohnstedt II, born 1777 Jan 29, and died 1858 Feb 26.  This has caused me to doubt that accuracy of the dates for Friedrich Albrecht Bohnstedt, and I now believe it is possible that the original data for Friedrich Albrecht may have been unfortunately overwritten due to careless cut and paste.  To underscore this, I have not yet found any data for Friedrich Albrecht in Ancestry.com.  My doubts about the dates for birth and death I have ascribed to Friedrich Albrecht have also caused me to question whether the job description of "master tailor" is accurate for this person.

sr: B



Johann Gottfried Bohnstedt

M, bn: [?] / p: Master tailor / d: 1798, Bernburg, Germany.

sr: B



Johann Gottfried Bohnstedt (Sr.)

M, bn: [?] // m: 1788 Oct 21, Åstrup Sogn (Haderslev amt), Denmark, to Cathrina Magdalena Daugman

sr: Z32