Navigating the Genealogical Tables
in this CD-ROM Edition

The main difference between the genealogical Family Tables presented in the 1998 edition, and in this 2008 CD-ROM edition is that much of the information in this edition is "hyperlinked", especially the reference number. Hyperlinked text can be identified by the fact that it will be a different color (usually blue, depending on your browser settings), and it will be underlined. Clicking on this hyperlinked text will take you right to another piece of information, either on the same page, or on another page. The hyperlinked text next to "sr:" will take you to the Bibliography page, where you can looked up the sources of information for this entry.

I have attempted to create a format for the Family Tables, and arrange the tables in such a way as to be understandable and intuitive. Below is a list of symbols, the key, to the format that I created and used, and a sample genealogical family table.

M = male
F = female
bn: = birth information
ch: = christening, baptism or confirmation (for Protestant/Lutheran children confirmation usually takes place several years after birth.  Roman Catholic baptisms and/or christenings for children usually occur soon after birth or the year after)
a), a: = adopted child, adoption information
i: = immigration information
e: = education Information
p: = professional or occupational information
s: = military service information
d: = death information
bd: = burial information
m: = marriage details
m1: = first marriage, children of first marriage
m2 : = second marriage, children of second marriage
m3: = third marriage, children of third marriage
m4: = fourth marriage, children of fourth marriage
dv: = divorce information
m = child born out of marriage
c, ca. = circa, around
(about or approximate)
[?] = questionable, unverified entry, or unknown quantity
-?- = unknown name


X-X-XXXX (reference number)

(First Name) (Last Name) (see X-X-XXXX) (hyperlinked reference number takes reader to table of immediate ancestor)

M, bn: (date and place of birth) / e: (educational details) / s: (details of military service) / i: (details of immigration) / p: (details of profession or occupation) / d: (date and place of death) / bd: (place of burial) // m1: (date and place of first marriage, name of first spouse) / bn: (date and place of birth of first spouse) / e: (educational details of first spouse) / s: (details of military service of first spouse) / i: (details of immigration of first spouse) / p: (details of profession or occupation of first spouse) / d: (date and place of death of first spouse) / bd: (place of burial of first spouse) // m2: (date and place of second marriage, name of spouse) / bn: (date and place of birth of second spouse)

m1: (children from first marriage)

1. Name (Bohnstedt) / M, bn:
(date and place of birth of first child, son)
2. Name (Bohnstedt) / F, bn:
(date and place of birth of second child, daughter)
m2: (children from second marriage)

3. Name (Bohnstedt) /
M, bn: (date and place of birth of third child, son) / (see X-X-XXXX ) (hyperlinked reference number takes reader to the table of this person)

sr: XX,XX,X (hyperlink takes the reader to the Bibliography page, giving source details)