Appendix D:
Ny Svensk Släktbok

Ny Svensk Släktbok (New Swedish Familybook), printed in 1903, is a book Swedish pedigrees and includes family trees. This is one of the most important documents ever discovered and used by anyone doing research on the Bohnstedt family because it shows a line of the Bohnstedt family beginning with Johann Didrich Bohnstedt, with branches descending into Sweden and into Russia. This is what enabled us to conclusively connect the Bohnstedt family in Swedish Pomerania with the Bohnstedt family in Sweden and the Bohnstedt family in Russia.  The surprising part of this is that, although the family tree and the family tables do list Teodor Ludvig Bohnstedt who was raised to nobility in 1860, the lineages do NOT include Teodor's descendants.  This suggests that this is not a book of noble or aristocratic pedigrees, but rather focuses on the upper middle class families of burghers, or in Swedish, Borgare. (Burghers were the merchant and business class families who lived mostly the cities).

It was already known that August Wilhelm Bohnstedt, the ancestor of the "Prussian" Bohnstedt family was a great grandson of Bartholomäus Bonstedt. Wolfgang concluded through his own research that Johann Didrich Bohnstedt, the ancestor of this "Pomeranian" Bohnstedt family line, was a grandson of this same Bartholomäus Bonstedt, thereby showing that all of these major branches of the Bohnstedt family in Prussia, Pomerania, Sweden and Russia were all related.

We borrowed heavily from this book in reconstructing the Pomeranian, Swedish and Russian branches of the Bohnstedt family. Because information can sometimes be lost in translation, the chapter from Ny Svensk Släktbok concerning the Bohnstedt family is reproduced here for the sake of future researchers.

Copies of these pages were originally provided by Liselotte Bohnstedt of München (Munich), Germany, the wife of Dr. Rudolf M. Bohnstedt. Later, a better photocopy with the cover pages was provided by Liselotte's daughter, Anita Weise of Bad Nauheim, Germany. The chapter on the Bohnstedt family listed the sources for its information as follows:

Information from Royal Forest officer E. Bohnstedt at Rinkesta, from banker Maximilian Bohnstedt in St. Petersburg, from the Lieutenant in the Södermanland regiment Axel von Redlich, from Mrs Olga Bohnstedt and Miss Ida Bohnstedt in Friedrichroda in Thuringen, from Mr. O. Stegmuller in Magdeburg, from Dr. Karl August Paul Bohnstedt in Schöneberg in Berlin, from the Lieutenant Colonel in the 3rd Magdeburg Infantry Regiment No. 66 staff, Otto von Wulfcrona, from noble estate proprietor von Spalding at Groß-Miltzouw, from the Justice Official [Geheimejustitieråd] of the Supreme Court and National Justice President [Landtdomarepresident] Braun in Berlin; copies from the Town Hall library in Stralsund, obtained from the head of the section, Karl Coppius; copies from biographic collections in the government archives in Stockholm; genealogies of the Swedish nobility from G. Anrep.


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Book References:
- Leijonhufvud, Karl Axel Karlsson and Leijonhufvud, Gustaf Carlsson. Ny Svensk Släktbok ("New Swedish Family Book") Published by P.A. Norstedt & Sons. 1906

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