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There are a number of other ways to find what you are looking for in this work.

The first method is by using the Index of Bohnstedts by Birth or Adoption. This is a listing of Individuals who were born into or adopted into the Bohnstedt family and who carried or still carry the Bohnstedt name. This list includes spelling variations of the Bohnstedt name, such as Bohnstadt, Bonstedt, etc.

The second method is by searching the Index of Bohnstedts by Marriage. This is a listing of individuals who carry or carried the Bohnstedt name as a result of marriage. Although this list is made up mostly of women who became Bohnstedts through marriage, there are also some men in this list, mainly from Denmark and Scandinavia where men sometimes take the surnames of their wives.

The third method is by searching the General Index of Surnames. This is a listing of surnames other than Bohnstedt or spelling variations of Bohnstedt found in the family tables. These surnames are from spouses who married into the Bohnstedt family, as well as descendants and spouses of descendants of Bohnstedts.

The fourth method is by looking for a name in one of the three Digital Family Trees which represent the three largest Bohnstedt family lines in Europe, Denmark, and America.  A new tree for Brazil has recently been added.

The Index of Topics is a selected listing of interesting topics within this work which relate to Bohnstedts. For example, the topic "Bohnstedts and Aviation" lists several individuals under the Bohnstedt name who were involved with aviation or aircraft in some significant way, such as Eberhard Bohnstedt, who commanded a German flying squadron in the First World War, or Christian Bohnstedt-Petersen whose company built light aircraft, or Kevin Bohnstedt, a U.S. Navy pilot in the 1992 Gulf War.

There is also a Search Function which will allow you to do a search in every page for any word or name.  After going to the desired page, use your browser's search function to find the location of the name or word within that page.

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