More Bohnstedts in the Sachsen-Anhalt Area

There are three family lines presented in Genealogy and Records 4-1: More Bohnstedts in the Sachsen-Anhalt Area:

(1) The Family Line of Daniel Bohnstet in Hornhausen
The Family Line of Antony Bohnstedt in Gernrode
The Family Line of Alvin Bohnstedt in Halberstadt

Wolfgang Bohnstedt provided the information for the first two families described in this section. Information for the the third family, the family line of Alvin Bohnstedt, was provided by Andreas Bohnstedt.

The first of these is the Family of Daniel Bohnstet in Hornhausen. There are only three families in this Hornhausen group, but it seems clear that they all descended from Daniel Bohnstet, born in 1665. It is interesting that Johann Christian Bohnstedten from this particular line was a carpenter in Bernburg. There was some temptation to make a connection between these Bohnstedts in Hornhausen and the Bohnstedt family groups in Bernburg discussed in Part 2. This particular theory has not been verified so far.

The second line presented in this genealogical section is the Family of Antony Bohnstedt in Gernrode, Sachsen-Anhalt, and the third family mentioned here is the family line of Alvin Bohnstedt from Halberstadt.

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1. Villages of Origin for the Bohnstedt Family Lines described in Parts 1, 2 and 3

Hornhausen, Gernrode and Halberstadt are geographically close to other "villages of origin" of various Bohnstedt lines described in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. It is quite possible, even likely, that the Bohnstedt lines described here were related to other main branches of Bohnstedts discussed Parts 1, 2, and 3.


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