Von Bohnstedts

Besides the Von Bohnstedt family of Sweden descending from Teodor Ludvig Bohnstedt, there was also another Von Bohnstedt family in northern Germany between Magdeburg and Berlin, and many of these Von Bohnstedts lived directly in Berlin. I asked Wolfgang about them several times but he was insistent that they were entirely unrelated to any of the three main Bohnstedt lines.

In fact, Wolfgang was so certain that these "von Bohnstedts" were unrelated to any other Bohnstedt families that he did not even bother to provide any genealogical material pertaining to them. He felt very certain that they had somehow come to have the same name as the other Bohnstedt families by coincidence.

According to Wolfgang this Von Bohnstedt family was apparently very socially and economically prominent, and there was one or more coats-of-arms associated with that family which does not appear in this work.

However, it seems unclear just how large or extensive this von Bohnstedt family was. An on-line Google search for "Bohnstedt" in 2006 yielded around 27,000 hits, while a search for the phrase "von Bohnstedt" yielded only 61 hits, and some of those are actually related to the Bohnstedt family as described in this work. If there is any von Bohnstedt family in existence today, as distinct and separate from the Bohnstedt family, it seems that they may be difficult to find.


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