Bornstedt and Bohrnstedt

Jayne Rezin, of Sparta, Wisconsin had written to Wolfgang and me several times over the years searching for information about her ancestors, who were Bohrnstedts, with an "R". A few attempts were made to find a connection between her Bohrnstedts and other Bohnstedt families, but with no success. Any Bohrnstedt and Bornstedt descendant doing research should be aware of the strong probability that the Bohrnstedt / Bornstedt families are not related to the Bohnstedt / Bonstedt families.

Wolfgang also discovered several individuals with the name spellings Bornstede, Bornstedt, and Bornestede in Magdeburg (Magdeburg) in 1250, 1263, 1351, 1363, 1478, 1488 and 1493. He also found several individuals from the 1300s, 1400s and 1500s with the name spellings Bonstede, Bonstedt, Bonestedt, Bonstet, and other variations.

If these people are ancestors of the Bohnstedt families, and the previously mentioned Bornstedes and Bornstedts are ancestors of the Bohrnstedts, it suggests that any common origin, if any at all, between Bohnstedts and Bornstedts, could be as old as 700 or 800 years. Any connection that old would be virtually impossible to trace.

I have included a family tree of Bohrnstedts, the ancestor of which arrived in the United States sometime before 1867.  This is by no means a complete record of all Bohrnstedts in the United States, nor even a complete record of this particular family, but as it seems to represent one of the earliest Bohrnstedt families that came to America, this might provide a framework for those researching the Bohrnstedt family.


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