More Bohnstedts in America

More Sea Voyages

There are records of a number of Bohnstedts who emigrated to America from Prussia-Germany, and many of them proved to be descended from one of the sons of Johann Gottlieb Bohnstedt. But records surfaced for at least eight other Bohnstedts who emigrated from Germany to America, and for whom their relationship to the rest of the American Bohnstedt family is uncertain or unknown.

UPDATE THIS      Records were found for a Charles Bohnstedt, and a Charles Bohnstedt Jr., both arriving in America from Germany in 1852. They settled in Muskingum County Ohio near the rest of the Bohnstedt family, suggesting a very strong possibility, even probability, that they were also descendants of Johann Gottlieb Bohnstedt, or somehow related.

Information was recovered which showed that two more Bohnstedt men made the voyage in 1854. One of these was Johann Andreas Bohnstedt, and another was Carl W. Bohnstedt, who landed at Baltimore, Maryland.

The next year Heinrich Bohnstedt, a 49 year old gardener from Ochersleben, sailed from Bremen aboard the “Marianne” and landed at Baltimore Maryland in 1855, his destination being St. Louis Missouri.

Still another August Bohnstedt emigrated to America in 1868. He traveled with his wife, Alexandrene, his two-year-old daughter, Emilie, and an infant son, name unknown. They sailed from Bremen aboard a steamship (also called the SS Bremen) and landed in New York in 1868.

At first glance it was tempting to identify this particular August Bohnstedt with August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt (above), because of certain similarities: (1) Both men were named August (2) Both were bakers (3) both traveled with a daughter named Emilie. However, a closer examination of the information reveals vital differences. This August Bohnstedt was substantially younger than August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Bohnstedt, and August Georg Wilhelm Ludwig's daughter Emilie was about 19 years old when she traveled with her father.

In 1871, three years after August and Alexandrene migrated to America with their children, Friedrick Bohnstedt, a farmer, sailed from Bremen aboard the Bark “Industrie” and landed at Baltimore.

There was also a Charles H. Bohnstedt who came to America in the 1800's. Records indicate that he was born in Braunschweig, Prussia, but the year of his arrival and port of entry remain unknown. We do know that he served in the U.S. Army during the Civil War as a Sergeant Major.


Unconnected Names

Besides the people listed above who were known to have migrated from Germany to America, there are a number of records for individuals listed with the name of Bohnstedt in the United States. These records include U.S. census records, U.S. Social Security death indexes, birth, marriage and death records from local government sources, passenger and immigration lists, and various other sources.

In some cases I have no idea who the individuals are or who they are related to, and in other cases I thought I knew which family branch or individual the person in question might be related to, but I did not have sufficient information to make a positive or specific identification.

Perhaps a future researcher will be able to take these seemingly unconnected pieces of information and find their proper place in the family structure.


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