About the Original 1998 Printed Edition

In 1998 a printed version of A History of the Bohnstedt Family was distributed to Bohnstedts and descendants of Bohnstedts throughout the United States and Europe. This was the culmination of several years of research by myself and others - some of whom are still alive today - and older research done by Bohnstedts in Germany who were deceased before I was even born. This research was conducted throughout the United States and Europe, and delved into Latin America and Africa.

When the book was completed it consisted of 384 pages, including appendices, bibliography and index. The quantities involved did not allow for professional binding, so a scrapbook cover was used with the title stamped in gold on the front cover.

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1-2. 1998 printed edition of A History of the Bohnstedt Family (PDF File)

Unfortunately, the cost of custom printing some 200 sets of pages front and back, three-hole drilled, and combined with the large scrapbook covers proved to be somewhat expensive; over $100.00 per unit including mailing to U.S. locations. Units mailed to Europe and other overseas locations were even more expensive as shipping costs increased.

Even so, close to 200 copies were purchased by Bohnstedts and descendants of Bohnstedts throughout the United States and Europe. One copy was sent to the Library of Congress. The website address for the United States Library of Congress is http://catalog.loc.gov/.

Once there you can search for references to the Bohnstedt book in a number of ways:

1. By Author (Thomas Bohnstedt, or Bohnstedt, Thomas)
2. By Title (A History of the Bohnstedt Family)
3. By Control Number (LC 98175717)
4. By LC Classification (CS71.B67796)
5. By Call Number (CS71.B67796 1998)

I've also seen the 1998 Bohnstedt book listed on Amazon.com. And the answer to the question you're probably asking yourself is no, Amazon.com does not stock and sell these Bohnstedt history books. They do list it under the I.D. number ASIN B0006FCH1O. Whereas books are normally given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Amazon assigns an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to unique books. They probably obtain information about unique books from various sources (such as the Library of Congress), assign an ASIN number, and then use that in the event that an independent seller has a copy of the book that he would like to sell using Amazon as a broker.

One question that has been asked of me was "why did you do it?" The answer is this; when I first became curious about my Bohnstedt ancestry back in the mid 1980's I purchased a book that allegedly had information about Bohnstedt genealogy, Bohnstedt history, and even the Bohnstedt Coat-of-Arms, and it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 U.S. Dollars as I recall.

When the book arrived I found that there was no real genealogical information, just a bunch of names and address of Bohnstedts taken from phone books across the United States. There was no real Bohnstedt history, just some articles on how to conduct genealogical research. And not one of the so-called Bohnstedt Coats-of-Arms in that book even resemble the ones that I present here in this work. For that matter it's entirely possible that they weren't even really true coats-of-arms, but rather fabricated.

It was immediately clear to me that this was a scam. What came into my head (and which I later verified) was that the company that had produced this junk book had also done so with countless other names, using a "template", wherein they use the standard articles on genealogical research, and print up a bunch of extra pages of names and addresses taken from phone books, and probably old information at that. There are companies today who are still perpetuating the same kind of scam.

I was angry that I had spent that much money on the thing, and immensely disappointed that for all that money I still hadn't gotten anything useful from it. So, I decided to make my own Bohnstedt Book, and started my research. The 1998 Printed Edition was the end result.


Book References:
Bohnstedt, Thomas Allen. A History of the Bohnstedt Family: In Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and Africa. 1998 (ASIN B0006FCH1O)