About The Author / Editor of This Work

My full name is Thomas Allen Bohnstedt, and I was born in San Bernardino California in 1961. I am a Bohnstedt, not through my biological father, but through my mother, Joy Annette Fraley (born Bohnstedt). Cole Fraley married my mother, Joy, and raised me as his own son, and adopted me when I was about six years old.

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1. Joy Bohnstedt, 1962
2. Cole Fraley, U.S. Army, circa 1959-1961

I graduated Antelope Valley High School in 1979, in Lancaster California. After High School I worked for various companies in the aerospace industry. I worked in a variety of capacities and occupations for these companies, but mostly in mechanical design and mechanical engineering.

In 1992 I was married in Pasadena, California, to Karen Diana Gridley, an English literature and language school teacher. Karen has taught both High School and Middle School. She was born in 1964 in Ipswich, England.

After September 11, 2001, business downturns in the aerospace industry motivated me to make a career change and I began a new career in investigations. I am now a licensed private investigator in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, working mostly in the areas of civil litigation and insurance investigations. I am co-owner and co-manager of Orth Investigative Services, an investigation firm in Los Angeles. I also have my own small firm; Bohnstedt Investigations.

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3. Karen and Tom (author) Bohnstedt
4. Annie and Karen Bohnstedt, Annie's high school graduation, 2005

In 2004 My wife Karen and I adopted into our family a young lady named Annie, born in 1986 in Los Angeles California. In 2005 she changed her name to Annie Diana Bohnstedt. Like my wife, Annie has chosen teaching as her calling in life, and is working on a career as a pre-school teacher. She is currently majoring in child development in college.

For personal interests (when I find the time) I write fiction, and am currently working on a mystery novel about espionage in the aircraft industry in Los Angeles in 1947.